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1.161 Obras de arte originais, edições limitadas e gravuras: Discover[...]

1.161 Obras de arte originais, edições limitadas e gravuras:

Discover original contemporary Science fiction artworks on Artmajeur

Contemporary Science fiction artworks are a mesmerizing combination of science and art. These original pieces of art, often created with a mix of digital and traditional mediums, are inspired by the futuristic worlds and technologies imagined in Science fiction literature. They are made using various supports such as canvas, paper, metal, and even digital media. The materials used can range from paint, ink, and charcoal to computer software and digital tablets. What makes this type of original artwork unique is the artist’s ability to create an entirely new world, with its own rules, characters, and landscapes. They allow us to escape the mundane and immerse ourselves in a world of limitless possibilities. These artworks often raise questions about the future of humanity, technology, and the world we live in. They are a true form of escapism and a testament to the human imagination.

Pintura,  15,8x15,8 in
Small talk Pintura, 15,8x15,8 in
©2023 Barna

Origins and History

The pulp magazines, which were a popular source of Science fiction stories in the early 20th century, helped to establish the genre as a cultural phenomenon. H.G. Wells and Jules Verne were two influential writers who contributed to the development of Science fiction during this period, inspiring artists to create their own interpretations of futuristic worlds and technologies. The 1960s and 1970s saw an increase in experimental Science fiction art that challenged traditional notions of form and composition, paving the way for the vibrant and exciting field of Science fiction art that exists today.

Arte têxtil,  33,1x22,4 in
Cop 27...28 Arte têxtil, 33,1x22,4 in
©2023 Aline Jegonday (atelier enila tityad)

Evolutions of theses works in the contemporary art market

In recent years, original contemporary Science fiction artworks have undergone a significant evolution. With advancements in technology, artists have been able to create more complex and intricate pieces, incorporating a wider range of mediums such as digital art, sculpture, and installation. These artworks have become increasingly popular in the contemporary art market, with collectors and galleries recognizing their unique blend of imagination, innovation, and technical skill.

Pintura,  31,5x23,6 in
Brave New World Pintura, 31,5x23,6 in
©2023 Van Lanigh

Related Famous Artists

Contemporary artists who are famous for their original science fiction artworks include:

  1. HR Giger - A Swiss artist who created the iconic Alien creature design. His work explores the intersection between human and machine, often featuring biomechanical elements.

  2. Syd Mead - An American artist who is famous for his futuristic designs, including the iconic vehicles in Blade Runner. His work is known for its sleek, streamlined aesthetic and attention to detail.

  3. Chris Foss - A British artist who has created artwork for a wide range of science fiction novels and films, including Dune and Alien. His work often features colorful, otherworldly landscapes and spacecraft.

  4. John Harris - A British artist who has created artwork for many science fiction book covers. His work often features dramatic, cinematic scenes of alien landscapes and futuristic cities.

  5. Dan Dos Santos - An American artist who has created artwork for many science fiction and fantasy novels. His work often features strong, dynamic female characters and vibrant, colorful scenes.

These artists are known for their ability to create immersive, otherworldly environments that transport viewers to new and exciting worlds. They explore themes of technology, identity, and the unknown, creating works that are both thought-provoking and visually stunning. Whether you are a fan of science fiction or simply appreciate stunning artwork, these artists are sure to inspire and amaze.

Desenho,  13x13 in
Stormtrooper 2023 Desenho, 13x13 in
©2023 Paul Stowe

Notable original contemporary Science fiction artworks

"Star Wars" by Ralph McQuarrie, 1977 Ralph McQuarrie’s iconic artwork for "Star Wars" solidified the film’s futuristic aesthetic and captured the imagination of audiences worldwide. His illustrations of the characters, vehicles, and environments created a universe that felt both familiar and otherworldly.

"Blade Runner" by Syd Mead, 1982 Syd Mead’s design work for "Blade Runner" created a cyberpunk vision of Los Angeles in the year 2019. His artwork depicted futuristic technology, sprawling cityscapes, and a world overrun by corporations and technology.

"Neuromancer" by Bruce Jensen, 1984 Bruce Jensen’s cover art for William Gibson’s "Neuromancer" novel captured the gritty, neon-drenched cyberpunk aesthetic that the book helped popularize. His illustration of the protagonist, Case, perfectly encapsulated the novel’s themes of isolation and alienation.

"The Matrix" by Simon Bisley, 1999 Simon Bisley’s promotional artwork for "The Matrix" captured the film’s blend of cyberpunk and martial arts influences. His depiction of Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus in their signature black leather outfits became instantly iconic.

"Mass Effect" by Derek Watts, 2007 Derek Watts’ concept art for the "Mass Effect" video game series created a rich universe of alien races, futuristic technology, and sprawling space stations. His designs for the game’s characters and environments helped establish the series as a beloved science fiction epic.

"Interstellar" by Mark Englert, 2014 Mark Englert’s poster artwork for "Interstellar" captured the film’s awe-inspiring visuals and emotional tone. His depiction of the spacecraft Endurance against a backdrop of stars and swirling galaxies perfectly conveyed the film’s sense of wonder and exploration.

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Pintura intitulada "Small talk" por Barna, Obras de arte originais, Acrílico Montado em Armação em madeira
Small talk - Pintura, 15,8x15,8 in ©2023 por Barna - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Ficção científica, talk, smalltalk, dialogue, landscape, trippy, portraits, figures, shapes, distance
"Small talk"

Acrílico em Tela | 15,8x15,8 in

US$ 1.440,42
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "Stormtrooper 2023" por Paul Stowe, Obras de arte originais, Grafite
Stormtrooper 2023 - Desenho, 13x13 in ©2023 por Paul Stowe - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Ficção científica, starwars, star wars, storm trooper, pencil
"Stormtrooper 2023"

Grafite em Papel | 13x13 in

US$ 457,78
Reproduções disponíveis
Impressões e gravuras intitulada "Tehos - Icon 05" por Tehos, Obras de arte originais, Fotografia Manipulada
Tehos - Icon 05 - Impressões e gravuras, 31,5x23,6 in ©2023 por Tehos - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Ficção científica, tehos, tehos art, urban art, photography, ai, conceptual art, satire, digital art
"Tehos - Icon 05"

Impressões e gravuras em Papel | 31,5x23,6 in

US$ 614,08
Colagens intitulada ""le réveil"" por Shub, Obras de arte originais, Colagens Montado em Armação em madeira
"le réveil" - Colagens, 23,6x23,6 in ©2023 por Shub - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Ficção científica, collage, acrylique, appocalypse
""le réveil""

Colagens em Placa de MDF | 23,6x23,6 in

US$ 691,05
Reproduções disponíveis
Artes digitais intitulada "AMAZONE #10" por Khélène, Obras de arte originais, Pintura digital Montado em Armação em madeira
AMAZONE #10 - Artes digitais, 31,5x31,5 in ©2023 por Khélène - Figurative, figurative-594, Ficção científica, AMAZONE, FEMME, PORTRAIT, FUTUR, FUTURISTE, MULTICOLORE, ROUGE, JAUNE, ORANGE, BLEU, VERT, TABLEAU, PEINTURE, ROBOT, SCIENCE FICTION

Artes digitais | 31,5x31,5 in

US$ 710,49
Impressões e gravuras intitulada "PR2023-3" por Tullasky, Obras de arte originais, Impressão digital
PR2023-3 - Impressões e gravuras, 39,4x39,4 in ©2023 por Tullasky - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Ficção científica, woman, plane, swimming-pool, cactus, blond

Impressões e gravuras em Papel | 39,4x39,4 in

US$ 232,15
Reproduções disponíveis
Pintura intitulada "Dangerous Liaisons" por Stacy Shpak, Obras de arte originais, Acrílico
Dangerous Liaisons - Pintura, 16,9x16,9 in ©2019 por Stacy Shpak - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Ficção científica, fish, kids, figurative art, blu and yellow
"Dangerous Liaisons"

Acrílico em Madeira | 16,9x16,9 in

US$ 921,05
Reproduções disponíveis
Pintura intitulada "HUBBLE'S LAW" por Anna Polani, Obras de arte originais, Óleo Montado em Armação em madeira
HUBBLE'S LAW - Pintura, 31,5x47,2 in ©2021 por Anna Polani - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Ficção científica, astronaut, physics, cosmonaut, space woman, female astronaut, cosmic, cosmos, space helmet, lingerie

Óleo em Tela | 31,5x47,2 in

US$ 3.569
Desenho intitulada "The End of This Fuc…" por Vladyslav Savchenko, Obras de arte originais, Óleo
The End of This Fucking World - Desenho, 15,8x11,8 in ©2023 por Vladyslav Savchenko - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Ficção científica, War, world, nuclear, Theend, women, man, fuck, beautiful, contemporary, town, political, religion, oil, expressionism
"The End of This Fucking World"

Óleo em Papel | 15,8x11,8 in

US$ 1.348,64
Pintura intitulada "Sogno n 178" por Gian Paolo Pennisi, Obras de arte originais, Acrílico
Sogno n 178 - Pintura, 27,6x27,6 in ©2021 por Gian Paolo Pennisi - Figurative, figurative-594, Ficção científica
"Sogno n 178"

Acrílico em Tela | 27,6x27,6 in

US$ 2.715,63
Reproduções disponíveis
Pintura intitulada "Steam girl 2" por Laurent Martin, Obras de arte originais, Acrílico
Steam girl 2 - Pintura, 23,6x23,6 in ©2023 por Laurent Martin - Figurative, figurative-594, Ficção científica, steampunk, visage, femme, pilote, regard, rouge, casque
"Steam girl 2"

Acrílico em Tela | 23,6x23,6 in

US$ 1.731,95
Reproduções disponíveis
Escultura intitulada "Cosmic composition" por Vladimir Fomin, Obras de arte originais, Bronze
Cosmic composition - Escultura, 18,1x17,7x28,7 in ©2022 por Vladimir Fomin - Abstract, abstract-570, Ficção científica
"Cosmic composition"

Escultura - Bronze | 18,1x17,7x28,7 in

US$ 3.349,13
Arte têxtil intitulada "Cop 27...28" por Aline Jegonday (atelier enila tityad), Obras de arte originais, Tapeçaria
Cop 27...28 - Arte têxtil, 33,1x22,4 in ©2023 por Aline Jegonday (atelier enila tityad) - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Ficção científica, tapisserie de lice, charlie chaplin, politique, ecologie, contestation, anticipation
"Cop 27...28"

Arte têxtil | 33,1x22,4 in

US$ 1.385,35
Pintura intitulada "Freedom" por Barbsie, Obras de arte originais, Óleo
Freedom - Pintura, 31,5x31,5 in ©2023 por Barbsie - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Ficção científica, sky, surreal, surrealism, futuristic, psychedelic, wings, swing, mirror, infinity, meditative, endless, fly, bird, space, fantasy, dream, freedom

Óleo em Tela | 31,5x31,5 in

US$ 2.468,05
Escultura intitulada "Nobody 1 & Nobody 2" por Igor Gadreaud (Gad the Brand), Obras de arte originais, Plástico
Nobody 1 & Nobody 2 - Escultura, 23,6x9,8x9,8 in ©2023 por Igor Gadreaud (Gad the Brand) - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Ficção científica
"Nobody 1 & Nobody 2"

Escultura - Plástico | 23,6x9,8x9,8 in

US$ 1.785,94
Escultura intitulada "O lado escuro" por Luis Queimadela, Obras de arte originais, Pedra
O lado escuro - Escultura, 19,7x23,6x13,8 in ©2021 por Luis Queimadela - Abstract, abstract-570, Ficção científica
"O lado escuro"

Escultura - Pedra | 19,7x23,6x13,8 in

US$ 3.139,98
Pintura intitulada "Dradian" por Marek Izydorczyk, Obras de arte originais, Óleo
Dradian - Pintura, 19,7x27,6 in ©2019 por Marek Izydorczyk - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Ficção científica

Óleo em Tela | 19,7x27,6 in

US$ 7.033,91
Pintura intitulada "Time Machine 1" por Tudor Gafton, Obras de arte originais, Óleo
Time Machine 1 - Pintura, 19,7x27,6 in ©2023 por Tudor Gafton - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Ficção científica, time machine, time and space, imaginarium, oil on plexiglass
"Time Machine 1"

Óleo em Plexiglass | 19,7x27,6 in

US$ 1.308,68
Desenho intitulada "Bowser" por Jendrw, Obras de arte originais, Grafite
Bowser - Desenho, 11,8x15,8 in ©2023 por Jendrw - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Ficção científica, bowser, mario, dessin, art, drawing

Grafite em Papel | 11,8x15,8 in

US$ 921,05
Pintura intitulada "You will be given L…" por Katerina Teresidi, Obras de arte originais, Óleo
You will be given Light - Pintura, 35,4x53,2 in ©2022 por Katerina Teresidi - Figurative, figurative-594, Ficção científica, technology, transhumanism, progress, development, pandora's orb, futuristic, future, labyrinth, artificial intelligence, künstliche intelligenz, AI, KI, computer, science, VR, Virtual Reality, glasses
"You will be given Light"

Óleo em Tela | 35,4x53,2 in

US$ 5.857,76
Pintura intitulada "Cosmos" por Olga Tkachuk, Obras de arte originais, Acrílico
Cosmos - Pintura, 15,8x23,6 in ©2023 por Olga Tkachuk - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Ficção científica, universe, galaxy, space, nebula, art, stars, acrylicart

Acrílico em Placa de MDF | 15,8x23,6 in

US$ 416,79
Reproduções disponíveis
Pintura intitulada "Alien" por Nikita Kosmin, Obras de arte originais, Acrílico
Alien - Pintura, 39,4x31,5 in ©2023 por Nikita Kosmin - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Ficção científica, alien, expressionism, acrylic

Acrílico em Tela | 39,4x31,5 in

US$ 1.796,74
Pintura intitulada "Glyder" por Franc Kaiser, Obras de arte originais, Acrílico
Glyder - Pintura, 33,1x23,2 in ©2023 por Franc Kaiser - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Ficção científica, Sugar glider, spaceship, drone, city, urban, flying, hovering

Acrílico em Cartão | 33,1x23,2 in

US$ 3.198,28
Pintura intitulada "The coolest soldier" por Asavei, Obras de arte originais, Óleo Montado em Painel de madeira
The coolest soldier - Pintura, 23,6x23,6 in ©2022 por Asavei - Figurative, figurative-594, Ficção científica, starwars, cildren, dream, yellow, fantasy, movie, abstract
"The coolest soldier"

Óleo em Tela | 23,6x23,6 in

US$ 1.815,52
Pintura intitulada "Brave New World" por Van Lanigh, Obras de arte originais, Óleo Montado em Armação em madeira
Brave New World - Pintura, 31,5x23,6 in ©2023 por Van Lanigh - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Ficção científica, surreal, technology, stripes, abstract, computer, mountains, oil, landscape, happy, love, colorful, portrait, fauvism
"Brave New World"

Óleo em Tela | 31,5x23,6 in

US$ 2.682,15
Pintura intitulada "Anacoreti" por Migdal, Obras de arte originais, Acrílico
Anacoreti - Pintura, 52,4x78,7 in ©2021 por Migdal - Abstract, abstract-570, Ficção científica, contemporary art, abstract art, arte contemporanea, arte astratta, art collection, collezione d'arte

Acrílico em Tela de linho | 52,4x78,7 in

US$ 5.868,56
Pintura intitulada "Aliens are beautiful" por Mark Kucherov, Obras de arte originais, Acrílico
Aliens are beautiful - Pintura, 39,4x39,4 in ©2020 por Mark Kucherov - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Ficção científica, fantasy, alien, girl, fille, another planet, psychology, psychologie, fille extraterrestre, couleurs vives
"Aliens are beautiful"

Acrílico em Tela | 39,4x39,4 in

US$ 1.943,59
Reproduções disponíveis
Pintura intitulada "The Power" por Tayyar Özkan, Obras de arte originais, Acrílico
The Power - Pintura, 27,6x19,7 in ©2023 por Tayyar Özkan - Abstract, abstract-570, Ficção científica
"The Power"

Acrílico em Tela | 27,6x19,7 in

A pedido Impressões de US$ 26,47
Pintura intitulada "Feuille à bicyclett…" por Jocelyne Deschamps-Kus, Obras de arte originais, Acrílico Montado em Armação e…
Feuille à bicyclette ! - Pintura, 11,8x11,8 in ©2023 por Jocelyne Deschamps-Kus - Illustration, illustration-600, Ficção científica, scène de genre, feuille, paysage, vélo, bicyclette, contemporain, humour, naïf, surréaliste, expressionnisme
"Feuille à bicyclette !"

Acrílico em Tela | 11,8x11,8 in

US$ 467,54
Artes digitais intitulada "Time-space channels…" por Andrzej Maląg, Obras de arte originais, Pintura digital
Time-space channels in spin foam - Artes digitais, 35,4x35,4 in ©2023 por Andrzej Maląg - Abstract, abstract-570, Ficção científica, Fantzstyka naukowa
"Time-space channels in spin foam"

Artes digitais | 35,4x35,4 in

US$ 1.545,15
Pintura intitulada "When we dreamed" por Ilya Nimo, Obras de arte originais, Óleo Montado em Painel de madeira
When we dreamed - Pintura, 45,7x35,4 in ©2023 por Ilya Nimo - Figurative, figurative-594, Ficção científica, dune painting, cosmos modern painting, space painting, NASA painting, astronaut art, INTERSTELLAR art, meteor painting
"When we dreamed"

Óleo em Tela | 45,7x35,4 in

US$ 1.506,28
Pintura intitulada "Sunken Road Of Indu…" por Alexey Adonin (aeon), Obras de arte originais, Óleo
Sunken Road Of Industrial Landscape - Pintura, 39,4x31,5 in ©2023 por Alexey Adonin (aeon) - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Ficção científica, landscape, abstract, cubism, dada, dreamy, subtle, sci-fi, city, architecture, futurism, factory, abandoned, dystopia, techno
"Sunken Road Of Industrial Landscape"

Óleo em Tela | 39,4x31,5 in

US$ 3.800
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "The Hairless Mammal…" por Edwin Loftus, Obras de arte originais, Pastel
The Hairless Mammals Seemed Confused - Desenho, 11x14 in ©2023 por Edwin Loftus - Figurative, figurative-594, Ficção científica, avians, cavern, humans, passages, gateways, other worlds
"The Hairless Mammals Seemed Confused"

Pastel em Cartão | 11x14 in

US$ 1.303
Reproduções disponíveis
Pintura intitulada "Mission Control" por Pc Morgan, Obras de arte originais, Óleo Montado em Armação em madeira
Mission Control - Pintura, 11,8x11,8 in ©2022 por Pc Morgan - Figurative, figurative-594, Ficção científica
"Mission Control"

Óleo em Madeira | 11,8x11,8 in

US$ 759,08
Pintura intitulada "Savior from the sha…" por Manuel Galaso, Obras de arte originais, Acrílico Montado em Armação em madeira
Savior from the shadows - Pintura, 31,5x27,6 in ©2003 por Manuel Galaso - Cubism, cubism-582, Ficção científica, picasso, arte, cubismo
"Savior from the shadows"

Acrílico em Tela | 31,5x27,6 in

US$ 1.513,84
Desenho intitulada "Dreaming of the uni…" por Sonia O-Hido, Obras de arte originais, Grafite
Dreaming of the universe - Desenho, 8,3x11,7 in ©2023 por Sonia O-Hido - Illustration, illustration-600, Ficção científica, universo, spazio, galassia, amore, sentimenti, volti, ritratti, mondi paralleli, stelle, cosmo, infinito, connessione, uomo, donna
"Dreaming of the universe"

Grafite em Papel | 8,3x11,7 in

US$ 503,17
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