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Discover contemporary Everyday Life Drawings on Artmajeur

Contemporary Everyday Life Drawings are an innovative and exciting form of original artwork that capture the essence of daily life. These drawings are created on a variety of supports, including paper, canvas, and even digital screens. Artists often use a range of materials, such as pencils, pens, markers, and watercolors, to bring their subjects to life. What makes this type of artwork unique is the way it reflects the beauty of everyday life.

Desenho,  19,7x25,6 in
Chapter LXII Desenho, 19,7x25,6 in
©2024 Boytsov

Origins and History

Contemporary Everyday Life Drawings originated in the late 20th century as a response to the fast-paced, technology-driven world. Artists wanted to capture the mundane moments of everyday life and bring attention to the beauty in the ordinary. This movement gained momentum in the 1980s with artists like David Hockney and Raymond Pettibon creating works that depicted everyday scenes. In the 21st century, Everyday Life Drawings continue to evolve, with artists exploring new mediums and techniques to showcase their observations. Questions such as "What makes a moment worth drawing?" and "How do we find beauty in the ordinary?" are central to this movement. Today, Everyday Life Drawings are appreciated for their ability to capture the essence of humanity and remind us of the value in the simple moments of our lives.

Desenho,  12,2x8,3 in
Sans titre Desenho, 12,2x8,3 in
©1999 Robert Combas Artista representado por Artmajeur

Evolutions of theses works in the contemporary art market

Contemporary Everyday Life Drawings have undergone significant evolution in recent times. From traditional sketches to digital illustrations, artists have explored new mediums to portray the mundane aspects of daily life. This genre of art has gained immense popularity in the contemporary art market due to its relatability and authenticity. The use of everyday objects and scenarios in these drawings gives viewers a sense of familiarity and connection, making them more appealing to a wider audience. Moreover, the incorporation of social and political commentary in these artworks has further elevated their significance in the contemporary art world. As a result, Everyday Life Drawings have emerged as a powerful tool for artists to depict the complexities of modern life and provoke thought and discussion.

Desenho,  8,3x5,9 in
Acoso Desenho, 8,3x5,9 in
©2024 Miguel Rojas

Related Famous Artists

Contemporary artists who focus on everyday life drawings are highly celebrated in the art world. These artists capture the beauty of the mundane, elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary. Some of the most well-known contemporary artists in this genre include:

  1. David Hockney: Hockney is a British artist who is known for his vibrant and colorful depictions of everyday life. His drawings often feature scenes from his own life, such as his home, his friends, and his travels. Hockney’s use of vivid colors and bold lines creates a sense of energy and movement in his work.

  2. Elizabeth Peyton: Peyton is an American artist whose drawings often feature portraits of famous people, as well as her own friends and acquaintances. Her work is known for its emotional intensity and expressive brushstrokes. Peyton’s drawings capture the inner lives of her subjects, revealing the humanity and vulnerability behind their public personas.

  3. Raymond Pettibon: Pettibon is an American artist who is known for his dark and sometimes disturbing drawings. His work often features scenes from popular culture, such as comic books and punk rock concerts. Pettibon’s drawings are highly detailed and intricate, with a sense of chaos and violence lurking just beneath the surface.

  4. Tracey Emin: Emin is a British artist who is known for her autobiographical drawings and installations. Her work often explores themes of love, loss, and sexuality, and is deeply personal and emotional. Emin’s drawings are raw and unfiltered, revealing the innermost thoughts and feelings of the artist.

  5. Yoshitomo Nara: Nara is a Japanese artist who is known for his cute and innocent-looking drawings, which often feature children and animals. His work is highly stylized and features bold lines and bright colors. Nara’s drawings have a childlike quality that belies their sophisticated composition and subject matter.

These artists have made significant contributions to the world of contemporary art, and their work continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

Desenho,  12,6x8,7 in
Anthracite Desenho, 12,6x8,7 in
©2023 Sylvie Talon

Notable contemporary Everyday Life Drawings

One notable contemporary Everyday Life Drawing is "Self-Portrait" by Lucian Freud, created in 2002. The artwork depicts the artist in a raw and honest manner, with every wrinkle and imperfection on his face meticulously captured in the drawing.

Another well-known piece is "Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper, completed in 1942. The artwork showcases a late-night diner scene, with a group of people sitting inside the brightly-lit establishment, while the outside world remains dark and empty.

"Girl with Balloon" by Banksy, created in 2002, is another widely recognized Everyday Life Drawing. The artwork features a young girl reaching out for a heart-shaped balloon that is flying away from her grasp, symbolizing the fleeting nature of happiness and love.

Finally, "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" by Georges Seurat, painted in 1884, is a celebrated example of pointillism. The artwork portrays a group of people leisurely spending their Sunday afternoon on the banks of the Seine river, with the artist using small dots of color to create a vivid and intricate scene.

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Desenho intitulada "Chapter LXII" por Boytsov, Obras de arte originais, Lápis
Chapter LXII - Desenho, 19,7x25,6 in ©2024 por Boytsov - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Vida cotidiana, theater, stage, actors, roles, typewriter, tree, lady, curtain, curtains, balcony, spotlight


"Chapter LXII"

Lápis em Papel | 19,7x25,6 in

US$ 1.700
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "Anthracite" por Sylvie Talon, Obras de arte originais, Lápis
Anthracite - Desenho, 12,6x8,7 in ©2023 por Sylvie Talon - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Vida cotidiana, gris, noir, vêtement, tissus, drapé, femme, mains, hyperréalisme, crayonsdecouleur

Sylvie Talon


Lápis em Papel | 12,6x8,7 in

US$ 347,94
Desenho intitulada ""BlackRred Nr.4 (0:…" por Walter Roos, Obras de arte originais, Lápis
"BlackRred Nr.4 (0:38)" - Desenho, 11,8x8,6 in ©2024 por Walter Roos - Figurative, figurative-594, Vida cotidiana, Frau, Black, Red, Serie, Nonfinito, Denkerin, Figurative

Walter Roos

""BlackRred Nr.4 (0:38)""

Lápis em Cartão | 11,8x8,6 in

US$ 543,79
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "Venir voir a Carnot" por Marc Chagall, Obras de arte originais, Tinta
Venir voir a Carnot - Desenho, 6,7x7,5 in ©1927 por Marc Chagall - Figurative, figurative-594, Vida cotidiana, chagall

Marc Chagall

"Venir voir a Carnot"

Tinta em Papel | 6,7x7,5 in

US$ 98.473,86
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "Parler aux pigeons" por Honorine, Obras de arte originais, Marcador
Parler aux pigeons - Desenho, 27,6x39,4 in ©2024 por Honorine - Figurative, figurative-594, Vida cotidiana, pigeon, chaussures rouges, balade dans un parc, assise sur un banc, pieds, secret, rêverie, printemps


"Parler aux pigeons"

Marcador em Papel | 27,6x39,4 in

US$ 1.365,5
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "Les montgolfières-…" por Eric Audry, Obras de arte originais, Carvão
Les montgolfières- Début du XXè siècle - Desenho, 23,6x15,8 in ©2023 por Eric Audry - Classicism, classicism-933, Vida cotidiana, Montgolfière, fusain, Début du XXè siècle, noir et blanc, dessin

Eric Audry

"Les montgolfières- Début du XXè siècle"

Carvão em Papel | 23,6x15,8 in

US$ 345,75
Desenho intitulada "Saint Valentin" por Carlos Ospina, Obras de arte originais, Tinta
Saint Valentin - Desenho, 15,8x11,8 in ©2024 por Carlos Ospina - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Vida cotidiana

Carlos Ospina

"Saint Valentin"

Tinta em Cartão | 15,8x11,8 in

US$ 1.423,49
Desenho intitulada "Triptyque "Déjeuner…" por Alain Barat, Obras de arte originais, Tinta
Triptyque "Déjeuner sur le pouce" - Desenho, 18,9x42,5 in ©2023 por Alain Barat - Figurative, figurative-594, Vida cotidiana, déjeuner sur le pouce, dessin trios, dessin deux hommes une femme

Alain Barat

"Triptyque "Déjeuner sur le pouce""

Tinta em Papel | 18,9x42,5 in

US$ 588,65
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "В раздумьях" por Maria Rumanceva, Obras de arte originais, Grafite
В раздумьях - Desenho, 11,4x8,3 in ©2024 por Maria Rumanceva - Figurative, figurative-594, Vida cotidiana

Maria Rumanceva

"В раздумьях"

Grafite em Papel | 11,4x8,3 in

US$ 182,41
Desenho intitulada "Tehos - Three men l…" por Tehos, Obras de arte originais, Tinta
Tehos - Three men looking right - V1 - 2023 - Desenho, 19,7x25,6 in ©2023 por Tehos - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Vida cotidiana, tehos, tehos art, collage art, art draw, art painting, contemporary art, modern art, conceptual art


"Tehos - Three men looking right - V1 - 2023"

Tinta em Papel | 19,7x25,6 in

US$ 446,99
Desenho intitulada "Üzgün" por Caner Ünlü, Obras de arte originais, Lápis
Üzgün - Desenho, 13,8x18,5 in ©2023 por Caner Ünlü - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Vida cotidiana, dışavurum, üzgün, mutsuz, adam, erkek, çizim, karakalem, kalem, kağıt

Caner Ünlü


Lápis em Papel | 13,8x18,5 in

US$ 198,67
Desenho intitulada "Sous la pluie" por Ananou, Obras de arte originais, Canetac de aerossol
Sous la pluie - Desenho, 23,4x16,5 in ©2023 por Ananou - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Vida cotidiana, Pluie, flou, dessin, Stylo bille, Bic, Papiert Canson


"Sous la pluie"

Canetac de aerossol em Papel | 23,4x16,5 in

US$ 1.898,36
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "Sans titre" por Robert Combas, Obras de arte originais, Tinta
Sans titre - Desenho, 12,2x8,3 in ©1999 por Robert Combas - Figurative, figurative-594, Vida cotidiana

Robert Combas

"Sans titre"

Tinta em Papel | 12,2x8,3 in

US$ 1.312,98
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "STOOL OF THE DAY Nr…" por Ilya Kexholmsky, Obras de arte originais, Grafite
STOOL OF THE DAY Nr. 3 - Desenho, 15,6x11,7 in ©2022 por Ilya Kexholmsky - Figurative, figurative-594, Vida cotidiana, chair, stool, hihg chair

Ilya Kexholmsky


Grafite em Papel | 15,6x11,7 in

US$ 430
Desenho intitulada "Sorrow, Sadness and…" por Natasha Kiryushkina, Obras de arte originais, Pastel
Sorrow, Sadness and sheeps - Desenho, 23,3x16,3 in ©2024 por Natasha Kiryushkina - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Vida cotidiana, oil pastel, paper, woman, Sadness, trees, sheeps, animals

Natasha Kiryushkina

"Sorrow, Sadness and sheeps"

Pastel em Papel | 23,3x16,3 in

US$ 1.794
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "Selfie" por Francesco Cagnato, Obras de arte originais, Pastel
Selfie - Desenho, 25,6x35,8 in ©2024 por Francesco Cagnato - Figurative, figurative-594, Vida cotidiana, Selfie, Icona, Simbolo, Tempi moderni

Francesco Cagnato


Pastel em Papel | 25,6x35,8 in

US$ 1.985,89
Desenho intitulada "All on the Spectrum…" por Milto Sideris, Obras de arte originais, Marcador
All on the Spectrum two - Desenho, 7,9x11,8 in ©2023 por Milto Sideris - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Vida cotidiana

Milto Sideris

"All on the Spectrum two"

Marcador em Papel | 7,9x11,8 in

US$ 12.447,02
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "L'orologiaio" por Stefano Galli, Obras de arte originais, Pastel
L'orologiaio - Desenho, 9,1x12,6 in ©2024 por Stefano Galli - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Vida cotidiana

Stefano Galli


Pastel em Papel | 9,1x12,6 in

US$ 474,86
Desenho intitulada "Un café près du Pom…" por Carmen Selma, Obras de arte originais, Lápis
Un café près du Pompidou 2 - Desenho, 11,8x7,9 in ©2021 por Carmen Selma - Illustration, illustration-600, Vida cotidiana, homme, coloré, sommaire

Carmen Selma

"Un café près du Pompidou 2"

Lápis em Papel | 11,8x7,9 in

US$ 381,86
Desenho intitulada "A girl on rope" por Olga Trifonova, Obras de arte originais, Lápis
A girl on rope - Desenho, 11,7x8,3 in ©2023 por Olga Trifonova - Figurative, figurative-594, Vida cotidiana, девушка, женщина, girl, lace, rope, circus, цирк

Olga Trifonova

"A girl on rope"

Lápis em Papel | 11,7x8,3 in

US$ 225,23
Desenho intitulada "BONDING" por José Carlos B. Damas, Obras de arte originais, Pintura digital
BONDING - Desenho, 31,5x15,8 in ©2023 por José Carlos B. Damas - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Vida cotidiana, MDFBOARD, acrylic, spray paint, grafite, childhood, urban

José Carlos B. Damas


Pintura digital em Placa de MDF | 31,5x15,8 in

US$ 496,75
Desenho intitulada ""Ayrıkotu" Gündelik…" por Nesrin Yılmaz, Obras de arte originais, Lápis
"Ayrıkotu" Gündelik hayattan çatışmalar - Desenho, 5,9x5,9 in ©2018 por Nesrin Yılmaz - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Vida cotidiana

Nesrin Yılmaz

""Ayrıkotu" Gündelik hayattan çatışmalar"

Lápis em Papel | 5,9x5,9 in

US$ 135,6
Desenho intitulada "Natal" por Inês Monteiro, Obras de arte originais, Lápis
Natal - Desenho, 16,5x11,7 in ©2022 por Inês Monteiro - Illustration, illustration-600, Vida cotidiana

Inês Monteiro


Lápis em Papel | 16,5x11,7 in

US$ 236,34
Desenho intitulada "" L'ALLAITEMENT "" por Philippe Renou, Obras de arte originais, Tinta
" L'ALLAITEMENT " - Desenho ©2024 por Philippe Renou - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Vida cotidiana, Philippe Renou, allaitement, amour, gros seins, vin, table, chaise, noir et blanc, encre, bouteille, verre, enfant, bébé

Philippe Renou



Não está à venda
Desenho intitulada "Acoso" por Miguel Rojas, Obras de arte originais, Tinta
Acoso - Desenho, 8,3x5,9 in ©2024 por Miguel Rojas - Illustration, illustration-600, Vida cotidiana, Dibujo, Tinta, Papel, Pluma fuente, Acoso, Niño, Ilustración, Figurativo

Miguel Rojas


Tinta em Papel | 8,3x5,9 in

US$ 210,08
Desenho intitulada "Summerday in Amster…" por Joyce Van Den Engel, Obras de arte originais, Lápis
Summerday in Amsterdam - Desenho, 24,8x17,7 in ©2024 por Joyce Van Den Engel - Figurative, figurative-594, Vida cotidiana, green, greens, light, sunlight, summer, city, amsterdam, bike, shadow, shadows, sun

Joyce Van Den Engel

"Summerday in Amsterdam"

Lápis em Papel | 24,8x17,7 in

US$ 1.572,3
Desenho intitulada "Bar Art Deco" por Pierre Bayet, Obras de arte originais, Lápis
Bar Art Deco - Desenho, 11x15,8 in ©2024 por Pierre Bayet - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Vida cotidiana, Dessin, Bar, ArtDeco, Drawing, Café

Pierre Bayet

"Bar Art Deco"

Lápis em Papel | 11x15,8 in

US$ 245,09
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "Lingering Doubt" por Edwin Loftus, Obras de arte originais, Pastel
Lingering Doubt - Desenho, 11x14 in ©2023 por Edwin Loftus - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Vida cotidiana, choices, doubts, indecision

Edwin Loftus

"Lingering Doubt"

Pastel em Cartão | 11x14 in

US$ 1.476
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "Crane Hook" por Dima An, Obras de arte originais, Grafite
Crane Hook - Desenho, 9,1x6,3 in ©2010 por Dima An - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Vida cotidiana, hook

Dima An

"Crane Hook"

Grafite em Cartão | 9,1x6,3 in

US$ 512,04
Desenho intitulada "Confidence" por Srikanth Babu Adepu, Obras de arte originais, Marcador
Confidence - Desenho, 11,7x8,3 in ©2023 por Srikanth Babu Adepu - Abstract, abstract-570, Vida cotidiana, black, imagination, fancy

Srikanth Babu Adepu


Marcador em Papel | 11,7x8,3 in

US$ 476,34
Desenho intitulada "OPPORTUNITY" por Marco Tidu, Obras de arte originais, Acrílico
OPPORTUNITY - Desenho, 27,6x27,6 in ©2023 por Marco Tidu - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Vida cotidiana, OPPORTUNITY, MARCO TIDU, TIDU ART, CONTEMPORARY ART, ARTIST, GALLERY, MODERNISM, MODERN INTERIORS

Marco Tidu


Acrílico em Tela | 27,6x27,6 in

US$ 2.166,42
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "Cheers to good life" por Oshorenoya David Francis, Obras de arte originais, Carvão Montado em Armação em…
Cheers to good life - Desenho, 16,5x11,7 in ©2023 por Oshorenoya David Francis - Vida cotidiana

Oshorenoya David Francis

"Cheers to good life"

Carvão em Papel | 16,5x11,7 in

US$ 768,1
Desenho intitulada "Barely backless por…" por Sneha Lobo, Obras de arte originais, Carvão
Barely backless portrait 1 - Desenho, 12x9 in ©2023 por Sneha Lobo - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Vida cotidiana, portrait, charcoal, abstract, expressionism, pop

Sneha Lobo

"Barely backless portrait 1"

Carvão em Papel | 12x9 in

US$ 281,8
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "Boots" por Aleksey Zhukov, Obras de arte originais, Lápis
Boots - Desenho, 16,5x16,5 in ©2022 por Aleksey Zhukov - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Vida cotidiana, boots, shoes, jeans, feet, graphic, original painting, pencil drawing, Dessin au crayon, bottes, chaussures, peinture originale, art graphique

Aleksey Zhukov


Lápis em Papel | 16,5x16,5 in

US$ 1.188,25
Reproduções disponíveis
Desenho intitulada "Fable à la fontaine" por Pierre Fabry, Obras de arte originais, Tinta
Fable à la fontaine - Desenho, 16,5x11,8 in ©2024 por Pierre Fabry - Figurative, figurative-594, Vida cotidiana, dessin à l"encre, fontaine, corbeau, renard

Pierre Fabry

"Fable à la fontaine"

Tinta em Papel | 16,5x11,8 in

Não está à venda
Desenho intitulada "Tin City" por Georgy Stork, Obras de arte originais, Lápis
Tin City - Desenho, 7,9x5,5 in ©2019 por Georgy Stork - Figurative, figurative-594, Vida cotidiana, pencilonpaper, linedrawing, graphic, russiangraphic, russianartist, pencilsketch, sketch, drawing, composition

Georgy Stork

"Tin City"

Lápis em Papel | 7,9x5,5 in

US$ 413,86


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