Maria Eduarda Machado

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Porto, Portugal

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Porto, Portugal

Usuário desde 19 de jan. de 2016
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Apresentação & Biografia

Maria Eduarda Machado was born and is resident in the city of Porto, in Portugal. She has 26 years and is currently completing a Masters in Contemporary Philosophy. From an early age he showed interest in art, which made joining the degree course in Visual Arts and Artistic Technologies in the School of Education of Porto. Course where she came across the theory of art and that led her to fall in love with philosophical study and to join the recent Master. Currently attempts to reconcile the initiation of artistic life with the theoretical life. The passion for two inter-complementary areas move Eduarda to dream and to want more, and to transmit this optimism and willpower in everything she does, including her early works.
Education for her is the most powerful tool, and so has in mind to integrate or build an art education project that will help to better society.