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Członek od 16 sty 2021
Data ostatniej aktualizacji: 9 maj 2021


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Artist, Painter, Photographer, Culture Expert, Film Expert, Poet, Art Therapist, Coach

A graduate of the Faculty of Advertising in Krakow and Cultural Studies, Film Studies in Lodz, Psychotherapy in Warsaw. She deals with painting, photography, poetry, designing and creating artistic jewelery, interior arrangement and decoration, as well as decorating furniture and utility items. She paints using acrylic, oil and mixed techniques, uses her own techniques and collage and photography. Idaver is Color Artist. A characteristic main feature of her work is COLORS. She play with color in her artwork and photography. Her artistic works and photographs affect viewers with a lot of colors and strong energy. She creates in various directions, mainly in Popart, Abstract, Impressionism or Black and White Photography, but the leitmotif is always color. The colors are used both exaggerated forms and in simple singly form in her artphotography. In her painting, she plays with form, strives to break stereotypes and standards, discusses well-worn patterns and classic canons, uses innovative solutions and unusual materials and techniques, and is inspired by the works of S. Dali, F. Kahlo, P. Picasso, W. Kandinsky, G. Klimt as well as C. Monet, A. Renois. A. Modigliani, Z. Beksiński, P. Mondrian, the trend of surrealism, cubism, impressionism and abstract art. Exhibitions: "Rhythms and Passions" - July 2009 Lodz "Gardens of my imagination" - September 2009 Lodz "Flamenco rhythms" October 2009 Lodz From 2008 - 2020 - Currently she created Mandalas and Energy Images and Abstracts. Idawer paintings are presented and sold in Europe and around the world. If you want to order this graphic, a photo or buy another one of my artworks or paintings, write to me ♡ 

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