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Lettuce Days 2016 . . .

The Yuma Farm Workers' Series - The weather was cool in the morning and warm by the end of the day. My husband helped me setup. We had to bring two cars because the sculptures alone were so many and big.   I brought drawings, paintings, banners, postcards, and my new book. What I learned is that when people wanted the book, it was as they had already made up their minds about purchasing the books in advance.   And, the postcards, no one could get enough of those. I sold 12 postcards for $10. With each book purchased, I gave the buyer 12 postcards of the Farm Workers.   Because I was a vendor, I needed to be at my tent most of the time so I didn't get to see all the Lettuce Day vendors or any of the shows.   I met people from all over the US and Canada including Mexico. I met so many lovely people who had a real love of my work.   Several people were interested in buying an original piece of art for their businesses. Now that was a delight. This week will tell if they are really interested in my works or not.   Lots and lots wanted a print of "Luz", yet, I do not have those yet. She is definitely a Yuma icon already. In fact, if she were there, she would be giving out autographs... I just write this in teasing, because that is how much this image is loved by so many people around the world. Yes, my works have been shown in London, England where they won an award.   Now that I think of it. I could stop what I am doing with this art series and promote it the rest of my life, yet, I would die if I could not paint ... honestly die.   I saw so many people who came just to see me. That was a wonderful gift from my friends, their children, cousins, and from Lenore Stuart, and Gary and Barbara Pasquenelli, Chef Alex from the Dunes Restuarant, U of A Staff employees, and winter visitors from all over the world.   Yuma has blessed me with so much. Now, I bless Yuma back with my works. Because of love of my hometown, I have written Yuma County a song that I will present at my recital this April. Everyone is welcome to come. From there, I will write a song book of love songs that have been tightly locked up in my brain for 60+ years.   And that is about it ... that is where my heart is heading for now.   Love you all and hugs!


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