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Paul Clarke Dickinson

Oldham, United Kingdom
Artist (Digital Arts, Painting)
Born unknown date
'When I went to Art School, they had one computer on the entire Campus'.

Artist & Illustrator for over 37 years. Retired to take up manual work. Still paints and explores. Has worked in every conceivable Medium, though forced into Digital 20 years ago. Discovered the Isosceles Triangle, plays the Banjo, as 3 children - one of each, can stand up straight without his knees cracking and finally played football for Accrington Stanley (Midfield General).


Born in New Amsterdam in 1962, grew up in Narnia, now living in Oldham, England. Life as a child was spent outdoors: in the fields, running, climbing, jumping, and fighting, and indoors: making cardboard and sleeping. Now, as an adult, his favourite pastimes are much the same.


Probably best known for inventing the the colour Aqua-Marine, he now makes a living as an illustrator and tap dancer


His client list includes: B.B.C., Heinemann, Penguin, Radio Times, Best Magazine, Oxford University Press, Oxprint Design, Virago, Cambridge University Press, Scribners, Cardinal Books, Severnhouse, Titan Books, Arena Books, Penthouse, New World Publishing, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Newsweek, Macdonald Press, The Atlantic, the Hamptons, and many more.


He now lives quietly in the countryside with his third wife, Tiffany and their three children Tofu,

Chicotitta and Krypton.

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