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Paola Imposimato

Firenze, Italia
Artista (Pittura, Disegno)
Nato a data sconosciuta
Beauty will save the world

I am Paola Imposimato, painter from Florence (Italy), city also where I graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts. Since my childhood I have been painting and drawing as an absolute vocation for life: being an artist is everything to me. During my thirty years of experience, after my school and academic training, I have developed my artistic style. This is supported by a solid figurative base also coming from the study of Greco-Roman art, but I have completely interpreted it in a contemporary key. The particularity of my work emerges not only from my conspicuous activity of painting freely and mostly inspired by the world of music and theatre (organizing a variety of personal, collective and permanent exhibitions), but also in the ability to express myself in other well-defined figurative worlds: imaginary portraits, paintings for Historical Re-enactments called "Palio", artistic works for Haute Couture Houses and Publishing Houses and even the publications of my poems. In my imaginary portraits I have given a face to some physically unknown historical characters belonging to the cultural and religious world just through literary information, interpreting them as people of our time with the customs of their time. With regard to the paintings related to Historical Reenactments (Palii, plural of "Palio"), I have taken commissions from institutions or foundations of about 90 different Italian cities, allowing me to obtain the record of 110 works created for as many historical events. I have also worked with Haute Couture Houses (Roberto Cavalli and Prada) for many years accomplishing artistic hand painted works on finished clothing, for several collections.
I have also edited artistic representations for many publications such as the series "Artusi", the covers of the poetic volumes "El árbol del conocimiento" and "Los caprichos de la luna" in Madrid (Pigmalion Edypro) and "Codice interiore" (Cantagalli Editor) in Siena, winner of the First International Literary Prize "Spoleto Festival Art"in 2013.
I have had the opportunity to get to know different places and cultures, particularly in Europe, feeling personally and professionally enriched especially when I participated in the Eva Berlin Manifestations ,at the Staatliche Museen in Berlin, as part of the International Eva Network (November 2013 and 2015). This following my presence at numerous editions of the Event "EVA Florence- Electronic Imaging & The Visual Arts" and also being formally included in the Official Acts.
Loving art viscerally is for me something natural and, in any case, even in the absence of sharing this feeling, I wish to transmit a very precise message: Art creates smarter consciences so that they are less overwhelmed by flattening and uncritical habituation overcoming any form of homologation and manipulation. Art can have the power to give each of us back to ourselves.

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