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Oksana Evteeva

Termini-Imerese, Italy
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born 1987
I am the ambassador of Sicily in the art

I live in a real paradise and I want the whole world to know and love my Sicily as I love it. My paintings become little ambassadors and transform every home into a Sicilian port full of love, kindness, and sun.

My works distinguish my love for warm colours and the special technique of painting: combining smooth and voluminous textures and inclusion of sunny impressionism elements into realistic works.

I draw to capture the moment - to catch the sunlight and the beauty itself. I want in my paintings to share my love and admiration for Sicily. I do my sunlit landscapes for everyone to feel the warm sun rays on their skin and smell the blooming citrus.

Some of the latest exhibitions:

- 4 Bienal de Arte Barcelona MEAM, Barcellona, Spain. November. 2022
- Biennial International Exhibition of Etruria (B.I.E.) 2022 - 2023. France, UK, Germany2022-2023
- Exhibition "Artista per la PACE" with UnicefEffetto Arte Gallery, Palermo, Italy. September 2022
- Preludio alla Biennale. Venice Art Gallery, Venice, Italy. June-July, 2022
- Art Against Violence Exhibition, Institute for Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2021
- International Biennale of Etruria. Rome, Naples, Toscana - Italy, 2021
- Swiss Art Expo, Zürich, Switzerland, 2021
- Art Ocean's day, Milan, Italy, 2021
- Leonardo Da Vinci International Award. Florence, Italy, 2020
- 58th Venice Biennale. Venice, Italy, 2019Exhibition "Art against violence"

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