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Nataliia Krykun

Artist (Painting, Printmaking)
Born unknown date
“Life could be as colorful and beautiful, as we create it. This is my message, my philosophy, and inspiration, this is my palette and my soul, this is life as I understand it.”

Nataliia Krykun is an artist based in Austria, she was born in 1988 in Ukraine.  Nataliia started painting first as a self-taught and after went to study in a private art school. Since then, she has participated in numerous exhibitions in Europa. Her artworks are part of private collections in the USA, Italy, Germany, and Austria. 

She is trying to convey the deeply spiritual atmosphere of the present moment. Her priority is semi-abstraction and abstraction, though she works in a range of other styles and techniques.

Nataliia's paintings are energized and are marked by using bold and bright colors with varied textures. With various painting techniques, she doesn’t hesitate to make abstract experiments on symbols and emotions being in constant search for solutions to her self-expression.


2023- Swiss Art Expo - Art Fair, Zürich, Switzerland

2023 - Artvilnius - Art Fair, Vilnius, Lithuania

2023 - Artboxexpo New York, United States

2022 – „Art for Ukraine“, NV Center Galerien, St. Pölten, Austria.
2022 - „ESSENCE of a MOMENT", Galleria Alberti, Vienna, Austria

2022 – “WORLD 2.0”, Urbanside Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland.

2019 - Pavilion of Ukraine at the 58th international Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia – the project entitled The Shadow of Dream (May 11 through November 24, 2019), Venice (Italy).
09.2019 - "Kleine NOCTURNE", KreativRaum Galerie, Vienna, Austria.
06.2019 - "Seelennahrung à la carte", gallery Art Pool Vienna, Austria.
03.2019 - "ART IS PERSONAL", gallery L'atelier De Pilar Guell, Barcelona, Spain.
02.2019 - "ABSTRACT 2019" SALA LINO, Calle Alvarez 7, Madrid, Spain.
09.2018 - exhibition “TIME IS …” at Gallery Il Salone dell’arte, Trieste, Italy.
07.2018 - Parallax Art Fair, London, UK
09.2015 - exhibition of finalists of Kharkiv OPEN ART, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
09. 2013 - "Art Fair B.AGL – Berlin Artists GO Live", Berlin, Germany.
08.2013 - Festival of Contemporary Visions “ARTCLOUD#4”, Florence, Italy.
04.2013 - exhibition "Kyiv forever", Gallery "Lavra", 1, Lavra Street, Kyiv, Ukraine.
15.10.-15.11.2012 - personal exhibition "Alpha" in Kremenets regional museum. Ukraine



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