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Natalia Pechenkina

Художник (Картина, Художественная композиция)
Родился в 1957
My works open for you a whole UNIVERSE in which LOVE and BEAUTY live!

My name is Natalia Pechenkina, an interior artist.I have been making art all my adult life.
In my work I try to use various modern techniques - bas-relief, sculptural and three-dimensional painting, mirrors, FluidArt and epoxy resin, I make flowers. I am constantly improving my professional skills, learning new techniques. I participate in exhibitions - both national and international.

Since 2023 - Member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia PSHR

In the center of the city is my cozy studio, where I spend all my free time. My favorite art is FluidArt paintings.This method encourages me to do constant experimentation due to its variability. I immerse myself in a state of meditation and do not get hung up on time and space when creating my paintings. I find various beautiful effects in my works and they inspire me to create new masterpieces. The main colors of my work are the natural shades of my region. Blue is the color of the Angara River and Lake Baikal, brown and green are the colors of the endless taiga. I am a native Siberian, I was born and live in picturesque Siberia. So I try to reflect the nature of this wonderful place in my pictures. 

The most important thing in my work is to bring joy and tranquility of seeing my pictures. There's a special atmosphere of peace and love in my art works that gets into your soul whеn you look at them. 


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