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Michel Tabanou

Fontenay-sous-Bois, France
Artiste (Arts numériques, Peinture)
Né(e) en 1953

Michel TABANOU explores concepts of time, memory and absence. He is interested in how memory can blur the line between past and present, and allow us to travel back into the past. He often draws, paints on travels, memories and found photographs. Michel TABANOU is inspired by literature and also by his memories of travels that he ends up interspersed in a unique journey in places transposed by his feelings. Another constant of his work is the presence of words, questions, interrogations in a sometimes disillusioned, ironic or philosophical tone. That's why he defines his work as a narrative and plastic reflection. He builds a 'mental maze' for the viewer by including recurring elements in her paintings, seen from different angles. The viewer constructs their own narrative.
He is born in 1953 ( Antananarivo - Madagascar ). After studying in architecture and plastic arts he became a bookseller with a specialization on artists' books and avant-garde movements. This appeal brought him to collect the books of artists and this collection is deposited in Paris at the Centre d'art Immanence (Archive Station). Currently he is president of the Centre d'art Immanence in Paris and is politically engaged as deputy mayor in Fontenay-sous-Bois. He is also a great traveler. He is also a specialist of the famous french and american artist Robert Filliou, friend of childhood and resistance of his father Roger Tabanou, being custodian of an important correspondence allowing to bring new lighting on Robert Filliou.

Découvrez les oeuvres d'art contemporain de Michel Tabanou, parcourez les oeuvres d'art récentes et achetez en ligne. Catégories: artistes contemporains français (né(e) en 1953). Domaines artistiques: Arts numériques, Peinture. Type de compte: Artiste , membre depuis 2018 (Pays d'origine France). Achetez les dernières œuvres de Michel Tabanou sur Artmajeur: Découvrez de superbes oeuvres par l'artiste contemporain Michel Tabanou. Parcourez ses oeuvres d'art, achetez des oeuvres originales ou des impressions haut de gamme.

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