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Luís Bastos

Sesimbra, Portugal
Artist (Painting)
Born 1975
I want to be able to recreate not what I see, but what I feel, because the essential is invisible to the eyes.



Born on March 2, in Elvas, Portugal, his family's hometown, but in the early days of his life he moved to Sesimbra, where he lives and works until today.

Raised in a humble and happy family from an early age his creativity was notable.

This same creativity is never really understood by the family as a good work tool, nor as a talent to be explored.

The word “work” has always been present since the early years, with the first memories of it at the age of 8 by helping his family in the Alentejo in tomato plantations and other rural work, experiences that turn out to be immensely enriching for his character.

Educational dogmas and the highly formatted school system were never a solution at a professional level, as he never felt this appeal and always sought other options. Since work was a constant whenever on vacation and school rest, he started helping his uncles in a restaurant, which gave him some money to help the family and some financial independence.

Until around 40 years old, he experienced various work activities, some even giving him the possibility to use the creativity he came with, but he still does not feel fulfilled in any of them, but the love for the arts was never abandoned and that call was always present in whatever task he had to perform.

One day, when he was 42 years old, he decided to take on this passion and dedicate all his energy to it, to carry out what he considers to be his life purpose and what has always troubled him.

He is an artist, with an emphasis mainly on the abstract expressionism, but sometimes he also likes to leave his comfort zone and paint figurative images, imaginary landscapes, colorful stories or just interpret human conditions in their various aspects.

He paints not what he sees, but what he feels and how he feels.

The inspiration comes from the books he reads, the movies he sees, the media, each person he comes across or just the mere contemplation of nature or everyday aspects, but mainly from within. He is a self-taught artist who feeds and releases this passion for painting with the intrinsic curiosity he came with.

So, it is simple, he just needs to be aware of his surroundings and himself.

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