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Ludmila Korets

Художник (Текстильное искусство)
Родился в неизвестная дата
"Fine art is the ability to create an image, not to depict something."

The artist has a higher art education, many years of experience in teaching painting, winner of many competitions. Lyudmila's artistic miniatures are in private collections in Russia, the USA, France, Holland, and Australia. Artworks are made in the technique of art-stroke hemstitch, invented by the author in the late 1990s. Embroidery here is a way of conveying an idea, as well as a means of creating perspective and a color spectrum. The perception of the image becomes more voluminous if compared with the painting.

The three main tasks for constructing a pictorial composition of an embroidered picture for me are: space, movement and air. The combination of elements of the constructivist trend in art with a picturesque rendering of air space helps me convey a sense of the inner emotional movement of thoughts and feelings. Geometric forms do not give a direct reference to the comparison with recognizable states of nature, but allow us to understand and convey the inner feeling through color combinations. The movement of simple geometric shapes in the air space, created by the picturesque combination of threads, can be associated with natural or emotional states.

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