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Mykola Koidan

Lisbon, Portugal
Artist (Painting)
Born 1982
I would like to paint the way bird sings

I'm an artist who: 

- creates portraits in realistic and impressionistic styles 

- uses oil on canvas 

- experiments with artificial intelligence to create new and unexpected scenes 

- has higher education in art

- has both parents with higher education in art

- has three kids who have been artists from birth

- often paints his wife because she is an easy-to-get model and looks beautiful

- works from home, alternating painting with changing diapers

- likes cats


Born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Got a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in Book Design from the National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI". Then, have been working for about 18 years in the publishing house as a book designer. During my last years in the publishing business, started to paint as a side job, got excited, and transferred to Art as my full-time job. In March 2022, moved from Kyiv to Lisbon with my wife and three kids.

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