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José Gislero

Artista (Pintura, Dibujo)
Nacido en 1960
« I paint as if I would have centuries to spend »

José Gislero is a Swiss painter who focuses on sensual, spiritual art. He lives and works between two islands: Switzerland, the island in the middle of the European Union and Cuba the communist island in the Caribbean Sea.

José is convinced of the power of art to unite and harmonize the opposites of our world. To create peace and balance.  

For him there is no difference between spiritual and material world. Both are interdependent, both are firmly connected and interact.

His series of paintings are often like short stories or painted prayers. His style oscillates between figurative, impressionistic to expressionistic. His works blend both the material and spiritual world. 

Different media such as oil, acrylic, stained glass and work with leaf metals give voice to his expression. Currently José works mainly with acrylic on canvas.

José Gislero was born and brought up in Switzerland. 

Although he has a degree in engineering and marketing, art has always played an important role in his life. His many long stays abroad awakened his particular commitment and interest in issues such as: the third-world, the protection of women, migration, the climate change.

Born 1960 in Switzerland.

1985: BSc in Eng. / Cybernetics.

1986 – 1995: Engineering jobs mainly in Europe, Saudi Arabia, China, South-Africa and Peru.

1996: MBA, Changed over to Marketing.

1996 – 2008: Marketing jobs in Europe, Middle-East, Asia Pacific and the US.

2008: Decided to terminate his corporate life and moved to Havana (Cuba).

2008 – 2010: Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes "San Alejandro", Havana (Cuba).

2010 – 2016: Working partly as artist, partly as artist craftsman, mainly on restoration of houses from the colonial period in Havana.

2017 onward: Working and living as an artist between Switzerland and Cuba.

José Gislero owns a studio gallery in Havana, where some of his paintings are exhibited.

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