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What's on the Easel, January 2022

What’s On The Easel

January 2022, Vol. IV, No. 1

A monthly newsletter from Jim Fischer


Happy New Year!


What’s on the easel…Something completely different (again)


I am at the point with the model of a racing yacht I am restoring where I needed a guide to the rigging. I found it online in an old black and white photograph which so inspired me I decided to do a painting. I found a great photo of a storm at sea for background and toned the whole thing down to get “Racing a Storm in Moonlight”. 



It quickly became a favorite on my website and is a good example of how a painting can overcome some of the problems with photography. (The frame was found by Steph on the street and during restoration was able to determine it was most likely at least 250 years old, far out!)


And, of course, the Imagination series benefits from my recent works (what do you see?)...


I’ve been building up paint wiped on a rage for some time. It was now ready to reveal it’s artistic secrets. Here’s what the rag looked like, ready to be sliced and diced. What can you see?



And here’s what came out.



On the left is titled “If you surround yourself with clowns, you should not be surprised when your life begins to resemble a circus.” from a motivational speaker, Steve Maraboli (and there's a lot of secondary figures in the piece, see what you can find). On the right the title, from Revelations, is “And I saw another angel flying through the sky, carrying the eternal Good News to proclaim to the people who belong to this world.”


A new, spontaneous method to work with…


I am in the process of changing all the Imagination pieces into black frames primarily by painting found wooden frames black. At the end of each session (and each frame takes three coats) I paint out the brush and clean it (it’s acrylic paint, I run the brush under the faucet). Sooooooooo, I started taking pieces of mat board to paint out the spare paint, quickly, just a few seconds. This piece took three seconds in one continuous brushstroke (titled Sorrow).



What fun!


Sooner or later, I guess…


My exhibition of the 48 Views of Brownstone Brooklyn has, as you might expect, been delayed again. Thank you covid. It will happen sooner or later. I’ll keep you posted.


On the home front…


We have finally formalized Steph’s office. The desk is adjustable for standing and sitting, she loves it.



We have had the roof replaced, a full tear up and replace. The contractor did a great job (and only took two days). But, there was one caveat. A few days after the installation we got torrential rain. Now, our drainpipe actually runs through the center of the house from the flat roof and down into the basement floor. In order to prevent debris from falling in they stuffed some plastic into it. One problem, they forgot to remove the plug and it started to drift down the pipe,.Torrential rain = disaster in the basement as the pipe filled and overflowed. Water ran down the inner wall to the basement. 



A mess. But it’s all been cleaned up now (paid for by the contractor) and we are happy with our new roof.  


And, of course, Io gets the last word…



That’s all for now. Stay well. And what’s on your easel?






Jim Fischer, 530 Liberty Avenue, Jersey City, NJ, 07307

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