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What's on the Easel, October 2021

What’s On The Easel

October 2021, Vol. III, No. 10

A monthly newsletter from Jim Fischer




The giclee printer got a workout this month, now the Kruse women portraits and a full portfolio of signed and numbered prints are all out the door and have been delivered to their respective owners.





A sure sign we are getting back to normal, the Jersey City Artists Studio Tour, canceled last fall, has returned. Once again I opened my studio for tours (vaccine and mask required) and had about 20 people visit (and that’s considered pretty good for a studio not in one of the big artist studio buildings downtown). Certainly good for the ego. 



I also had two pieces, ‘Hiroshima” (top) and ‘No Man’s Land in the Snow’ shown at the ProArts Jersey City Gallery for the event. 



And I volunteered at ProArts gallery to sit st the door for a few hours, making friends with this creative artist selling, as you might expect, cakes and cookies to the visitors.





So, I got the ‘clean it out’ bug in the basement, tossing lots of stuff that’s been just hanging out in storage for the past ten years. Steph had two boxes filled with papers that she went through for me. Among them was this pile:



Unbeknown-est to me, it appears she had kept all of the email communications between us for the first two years of our relationship, starting with setting up our first date in August, 2000, 600+ pages. What’s most interesting is what happens halfway through the communications, September 11, 2001. While it may not be of any interest to anyone, I am cataloging the documents in date and time order and scanning them for posterity, or whatever.


400 …


That’s the estimated number of tomatoes produced by the garden this year and processed down to three gallons of homemade sauce (tomatoes, garlic, peppers and parsley all grown in the garden).



Under the topic ‘Theatre of the Absurd’…


You probably don’t know, but Jersey City has the most diverse ethnic population of any city in the nation. I sometimes joke that it feels like we’re living in a third world country, you just can’t figure out which one. In our little community, with a population of about 6,000, called The Western Slope, we have Indians, Pakistanis, Egyptians, Sikhs, Puerto Ricans, Equadorans, Koreans and Phillipinos and, at a whopping 17%, Caucasians (and this is just on our block). In fact, 76% of the people in our neighborhood were born abroad (and that’s not a bad thing as they are, for the most part, white collar workers in tech and healthcare with a median yearly income of $130,000). 


Now, coming from where they do, some don’t understand we have rules and regulations. Like this neighbor behind us:



Want to extend your house, add a couple of rooms? Heck, just build out that old deck structure in the back, it was falling apart anyway (Lisa, show Ray this pic, he’ll love it). NOT! Needless to say, work was halted by the buildings department, an expensive lesson was had about living in America, I’m sure.


That’s all for now. Stay well. And what’s on your easel?






Jim Fischer, 530 Liberty Avenue, Jersey City, NJ, 07307

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