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Hjördis Thelander

Saxtorp, Sweden
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born unknown date
I get my inspiration from The Earth and The Universe. I usually get my motives from a nerver-ending source - The Great Cosmic Sea. Sometimes the motives come as flashy and very clear pictures.

Hjördis Thelander, artist, illustrator, designer

Self-employed advertising designer, illustrator, journalist and photographer.
As an artist -painter and cartoonist - I have participated in a number of jury-evaluated exhibitions and about 50 other exhibitions, many of them are solo exhibitions.
Over the last 15 years, I´ve been teaching “The principles and techniques of Vedic Art”mostly at The Scandinavian Ayurveda Academy in Stockholm, Sweden.
I love color, space and contrasts of light and darkness. Soft movements and distinct lines characterize my art.


Upcoming exhibition ArtExpo New York 7-10 april, Pier 36, 299 South Street, N.Y. USA.
Salon d'Automne 28-31 oct. Paris, France
Bjärred outdoor exhibition, Sweden, Held by Swedish Artist Association.
ARTAVISO No Vacation Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
Art 3fMonaco 2020,Espace Fontveille 21-23 aug. Monaco.
Gallery QueenArt Studio, september, Padua, Italy.
Kullasalongen. Krapperup Art Hall. 3 okt-1 nov. Jury rated art exhibition Sweden.
Jury rated Exhibition "Svart på Vitt" Landskrona ArtHall okt-nov 2019
During this year I have mostly been working with commissioned art.
Culture house Björnen, Åstorp Municipality,Sweden.
Romele Art Hall, Abbekås, SE
Galleri Isie Tio, Isie / Solsäter i Räng, SE
Kullasalongen. Krapperup Art Hall. Jury rated art exhibition SE
Art Nordic, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Salon d'Automne, jury rated art exhibition, Paris, France
Haaven Höft Kunstherbst, Bremen, Germany
Culture House, Björnen, Åstorp Municipality, SE
City Hall, Malmö City, SE
Bremen, Haaven Höft Kunstherbst, Germany Atelier Kock Bremen, Germany
Open exhibition, Landskrona Art Hall, SE
2016 - 2013
Station house at Buresjö, Laponia 2015-2016 SE
Helsingborg Art festival - Restaurant Raw, Solo exhibition 2014-2016 SE
Landskrona Art Hall, SE 2013
Best Western Hotel, Jägersro, Malmö, SE solo exhibition 2013
Landskrona museum, art exhibition celebrating the 600th jubilee of Landskrona 2013
City Hall, Landskrona, SE 2012.
Galleri ELS, Nynäshamn, SE 2012
Selmahuset, Landskrona, SE Solo exhibition 2011/2012
Bremen-Vegesacker Kunstherbst im Haven Höövt, Bremen, Germany 2011
Atelier Kock Bremen, Germany 2011
City Hall Eslöv, SE 2011
Art Fair, Kista, Sollentuna, SE. Solo exhibition 2011
Hotel Quality Grand Kristianstad, SE Solo exhibition 2011
Ljuskällan, Landskrona. SE Solo exhibition 2011
Bremen-Vegesacker Kunstherbst 2010 im Haven Höövt, Bremen, Germany 2010
Atelier Kock Bremen, Germany 2010
AB Svalöv-Weibull head office, Svalöv, SE Solo exhibition 2010
Galleri Hultman, Åstorp, SE Solo exhibition 2010
City Hall, Malmö, SE 2009
Galleri Götesdotter, Bjärnum, SE 2009
Galleri Rosenlund, Mörarp, SE 2009
Solo exhibition and workshop on the theme of ” Creation” where over 200 participants were creating art in 8 hours at The Church of Sofia Albertina, Landskrona, SE 2009
City Hall in Svalöv municipality. Solo exhibiton, SE 2009

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