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Calling with Art: Personalised IPhones Cases

Christmas is coming and I think I have a very good idea for all those who want to make a very special gift:

Phone cases - personalised  with my paintings!

This product (which exists for several kinds of iPhones) have only been available for a short while, but I already sold some, so I assume that they are very popular.

The paintings of famous singers & musicians seem, for the moment, to be the favourites motifs chosen for phones.

But there are of course many other motifs which look fabulous on the phone cases. Here are a few ideas for you:

- paintings of bullfighting for aficionados...

- paintings of favourite places in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, etc...

- paintings of flowers: I have very beautiful and very modern florals, really appropriate for phone cases...

and so many others!


Please go to my blog to see some example.





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