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N/a, Ireland
Artist (Painting)
Born 1978

I was born in Lithuania on 4th of July, 1978. Before I have arrived in Ireland in 2005, I was living and working in Germany and Cyprus.

Painting was my passion since the early age. The wish to learn new mediums and work techniques led me to School of Arts, which I successfully graduated after four years of studies. I was further willing to improve my skills, therefore, have attended private painting classes by recognized artists in Klaipeda.

Paradoxically, my career boomed in… shipping. I have more than six years experience in office management as well administration, managing customer and client relationships, basic accounting, purchasing and etc. At the moment I’m working in Irish company based in Cork and studying at Institute in United Kingdom.

Through my enthusiasm I have always found time for my passion. My paintings are in numerous private collections.

I believe that art is an expression of emotion, and through my work I try to capture the range of emotions, and experiences one goes through in life. I try to draw my inspirations from my experiences, my memories, nature and people around me, and to transfer those through the medium into a piece of art. I have completed a number of paintings and drawings that represent my current state of mind. I try to capture the moment. A lot of the work is based on self-exploration, meditation on the certain characteristic in the nature or about humans themselves.

Painting, especially in oils and watercolors are my favourite mediums. I’m extremely influenced by dramatic contrasts of light, shade or shining, reflecting surfaces and bright colors.

However, this time I have focused myself on watercolor landscapes and especially buildings are my subjects because they hold an unsolvable mystery for me. Perhaps a character or good painting lessons in the past allow me to be more versatile and permit me to focus on detail.

Main sources of inspiration for my recent works are Irish nature, local people, atmosphere and naturally, my loved ones – the family.

I could describe myself more as realistic painter, however, it's not unusual to combine two or more pictures in one and leave a message to a viewer...

If interested, pls call +353 87 6973720

* My new online gallery will be launching shortly... *

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