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Born 1967
Fitrajaya Nusananta

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Fitrajaya Nusananta was born in the Province of Jambi (Central Sumatra, Indonesia) in 1967, and grew up in Riau and West-Sumatra. Since then he has moved many times, to other parts of the world and back again. We should therefore consider him to be a global artist. He received his first and most important training from his father, the painter Sabri Jamal (alumni of ASRI Yogya 1965), and added an academic education in fine art at the University of Padang (then called FPBS IKIP Padang). In Europe he complemented his studies with various art courses and numerous visits to artistic centers and museums. His first exposition experiences were in Padang, and already during his studies he had his first solo exposition in Jakarta. Shortly after his graduation Fitrajaya started to show his paintings to the Dutch public in various solo and group expositions. Since then he has exposed numerous times, sometimes elsewhere in Europe (Belgium, Spain), sometimes in Asia (Indonesia, Korea).

Fitrajaya wants to express universal themes of the human psyche as these cover the essence of life. He wants to appeal to human emotions and consciousness, and this way contribute to a better understanding of the cultural and social arena in which we all participate. The dialogue between the artist and the audience is very essential for such an understanding: without interaction between the artist and society a painting would not have any meaning. Fitrajaya constructs hybrid images to stimulate personal interpretation: "I don't decide what people have to see, but merely provide the elements of a story I want to tell. Each person will thus see a different picture, and read a different story. When that happens art truly speaks to an audience and no longer is 'just a beautiful image' or a set of colors and spaces".

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