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Miembro desde el 22 dic. 2017
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Presentación & Biografía

Born in Madrid, of Canary Islands blood and a Cuban grandmother, he dedicates his professional career to marketing in the food industry; but during a summer-time vacation on the beach — CLICK — he realizes that he is in this world to fill your home or office with positivity and energy through colors.

His style is marked by pure tonalities, well-marked strokes, it is intense, alive, full of energy. Self-taught painter, he is attentive to his intuition and strongly convinced that the best is yet to come. His inspiration might come from a sign that appeared whilst completing an Ironman, or from a logo found in a magazine that he read on a flight.

Further information for lovers and investors:

Ruben always paints on high density engineered wood of the highest available quality and he uses acrylic paint, often combined with enamel.

His signature can appear at the front at request, but will always signed at the back of every work where he includes a double-card certificate of authenticity.

Receive this work ready to hang as he installs several hooks in the bag of all his paintings.

Ruben always gives especial attention when packaging his artworks, so it does not become damaged during delivery and arrives efficiently in mint condition.

First, he uses a layer of bubble wrap to have a cushion from bumps and bruises and to prevent unwanted movement during travel. That layer is surrounded by a piece of corrugated cardboard as a protective shield and shock absorber for the sides and corners. Finally, the package is wrapped in plastic sheeting to prevent the entrance of dust or humidity.