How does the Secure Certificate of Authenticity with online tracking work?

For all sales made on Artmajeur, a tamper-proof certificate of authenticity, with online tracking, which allows customers to verify the authenticity of the work by connecting to the internet

How much does the certificate of authenticity cost?

The certificate of authenticity with online tracking is provided free of charge as part of the sale on Artmajeur.

Where can I find the certificate of authenticity?

The certificate of authenticity can be downloaded from the MY ACCOUNT > SALES section. It is pre-filled with all the information concerning the work sold.

How to use the certificate of authenticity?

Download and print the PDF document on the MY ACCOUNT > SALES section. The certificate has 2 parts: a part to be cut out and attached to the work, and a part on free paper to be provided to the client.
--> Cut out the certificate with the QRcode, and stick it on the back of the work. If it's a sculpture, you can stick it below the work.
--> Join the certificate of authenticity on paper in the package. It will be kept by the customer.

Can I replace the Artmajeur certificate with my own certificate of authenticity?

Nope; The Artmajeur certificate of authenticity must imperatively be attached to the package, this is a contractual provision.

Can I share the Certificate of Authenticity PDF file?

Nope; you must print the certificate on paper and send it to the customer. You do not have to send the original PDF file.

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