What are Achievement Badges and how do I get them?

What is an Achievement Badge

Achievement badges are displayed on artists' profiles as small icons specific to each achievement. Each badge has its own characteristics and informs the public of an accomplishment made by the artist, or other notable characteristics. There are about thirty different badges.

What is the meaning of each badge?

The meaning of each badge is summarized by a sentence below it on the artist's profile.

How are achievement badges awarded?

  • Career achievement badges
    Some badges are awarded based on biographical information, as well as accomplishments that appear in the "accomplishments" section on their profile. When the achievements of the artist are modified by him himself (or by the person who manages his account), the badges can evolve.
    Examples: "Young Talent", "Represented by a gallery", "Present in the media" etc...

  • Recognition Badges
    Some badges are assigned manually by our editorial team, based on the artist's recognition level, or other artistic criteria.
    Examples: "Artists to invest in", "Editor's Choice", "Celebrity" etc...

How do I edit Career Achievement Badges?

To modify a career achievement badge, simply add or modify the achievements on the profile, from the section: My Account > Presentation > Achievements.

How do I edit Recognition Badges?

Recognition badges are assigned by our editorial team, they cannot be modified by the artists themselves.

For example, the "Editor's Choice" badge means that works by the artist have caught the attention of moderators, and that they are likely to be featured on collections, or on our social networks.


  • Recognition badges are awarded free of charge
  • It is not possible to request recognition badges

How do I increase my chances of getting a recognition badge?

In order for your account to be noticed by the moderation team, make sure that your account is presented perfectly. You must reach a maximum score on the section: My Account > Presentation > Profile Strength.

Sales are the most important element: the more sales you have, the more likely you are to be highlighted by the editorial staff.

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