Why can an account be suspended?

In some cases, the moderation team may have to suspend a member because a suspicious activity has been detected on their account or they have not respected the terms of use on the platform.

Indeed, the Artmajeur platform is a secure space, inappropriate behaviour is immediately sanctioned by a temporary to a permanent ban.

Can I know why the user is suspended?
No, for reasons of confidentiality, and security, only administrators have access to this information, they are never shared with the public. The most general cases are: 60% SPAM, 20% images requiring family filter, 10% scams, 10% other terms of use breach, or reports by mistake.

Can a suspended account be re-authorized?
Yes, if the account has been suspended due to a report, and the moderation service investigation concludes there is no suspicious activity, the account can be reactivated.

Can I continue to continue to communicate with a suspended member?
No, when a member is suspended, we strongly recommend that you stop all communication or any transaction with that person.

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