How to submit content and articles to Artmajeur Magazine?

Welcome to Artmajeur Magazine, our magazine available in paper version and online version offers both in-depth articles on the history of art, investment in art, new art markets such as NFTs , as well as exclusive interviews with artists and all the news from the art world. Artmajeur Magazine also gives a voice to its community: our magazine welcomes articles from seasoned art contributors who are art experts, people who work in the art market and experienced art lovers who can offer the public their vision of the art market or arts news with original, useful and entertaining articles.

Give your writings a global audience of art enthusiasts by publishing your articles on Artmajeur Magazine

Do you like to write about the arts? The Artmajeur platform receives +1Million visitors each month. If you write articles that are both original and useful, you can apply for a publication on the Artmajeur magazine. This is a great opportunity for our readers to learn from what you have to say.

Advantages of publishing your articles on Artmajeur Magazine:

  • Your article will appear in a well-known and popular art magazine.
  • Your article will be read by people all over the world (we will translate it into 15 languages)
  • It will increase your notoriety and your brand
  • It helps you make a name for yourself on social media and build your authority on the topics you work on

Rules for applying for the publication of your contents in our magazine

  1. Content should be unique, original and interesting. All articles are checked for plagiarism. Your content will not be published if it is already on the web elsewhere.
  2. Articles should contain no less than 1250 words
  3. Content must be related to one of our posts. We encourage you to link to at least one of our blog posts to keep the content consistent.
  4. Content must match our categories. Please look carefully at our category list.
  5. Please ensure that spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct. These are important things that should not be overlooked.
  6. Make sure all links in your post are relevant and valid. Links that do not match the main idea of your post will be removed without warning. Also, any links that don't work will be removed without warning.
  7. You must provide at least ONE high-resolution image that you own or is non-copyrighted, and provide the author, so that credits can be given.
  8. In your user profile, you must write a short biography of around 120 words. You can add a link to your site and social profiles.

How can I submit content to Artmajeur Magazine?

If you meet all of the above requirements, you can create an account on the registration page and then submit your article. (Note: Submissions that are crude or add nothing will not be encouraged). If your content needs to be changed, we will contact you to let you know. You can always contact us to talk about the subject before sending it.

If you have any questions about the publication of an article at Artmajeur Magazine, do not hesitate to send us a message via our contact form

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