How to promote an art fair, artistic salon or cultural project?

An exceptional promotion of your event or art fair

Artmajeur offers you several promotional packages for your cultural event or art fair, from 100EUR.

Recruit artists for an event

More than 200,000 artists from all over the world have chosen Artmajeur to promote and sell their works. Whatever the place where your event takes place, the type of artists you are looking for (paintings, sculptors, photographers, designers etc ...), thousands of artists from your region are likely to be interested in participating. .

Promotion of a cultural and artistic event or project

We can promote your event to our 1.5 Million art-loving monthly visitors, whether it's an online event or a physical event in any country in the world. Promotion of your press release, interview with the organizers, feature article on your event, highlighting on the agenda: Artmajeur can promote and cover your cultural event or art fair.

Packages available:

  • Recording your event on the calendar:
    Adding your event to the calendar

  • Promote
    Highlighting your event on the calendar for 30 days

  • Press release
    Publication of your press release on our online magazine

  • newsletter communications
    Communication of your event in our newsletter

  • Event Cover Story
    An article presents the event as soon as it opens

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