Do I have to pay customs duties on my purchases?

When you buy art in another country, any customs duties are always payable by the buyer, upon receipt of the package.

Are customs duties included in the transport?
No, customs duties are directly calculated and paid to the customs service of the receiving country, upon receipt of the package.

Do I always have to pay customs duties?
No, there are big differences between the countries: some countries have no customs duties, others have reduced rates (around 5%). In unified markets, like the European Community, there are no customs duties.

Who calculates the number of customs duties?
Customs duties are calculated by the customs officer when the package is imported. They may very well decide not to tax a package.

Can I estimate the customs fees?
Yes, you can use online estimation services, like which allow you to have an estimate. But the exact amount always depends on the officer who calculates the amount when receiving the package.

What are the presentation fees?
To make it easier for you to clear your package, some carriers charge presentation fees: they then carry out all the steps in advance for you and you just have to pay the requested amount.

What happens if I don't pay the customs fees?
Customs usually hold the package for a while and then it is destroyed. In some cases, the sender may return the package after paying the customs fees.
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