How to contact an artist?

To send a personal message to an artist, you can use the contact link on their profile.

Direct messages not available?
Direct messages may not always be available because some sellers' accounts do not have the "direct message" option enabled.

  • Too many messages
    Some artists receive a large number of messages and prefer to deactivate the "direct messages" option in order to let the Artmajeur team filter contacts and only send them messages from customers who are really interested.
  • Security
    For security reasons, some artists prefer to entrust their communication with the public to Artmajeur, so that each contact is validated before being forwarded to them
  • Type of account
    Some artists do not have the type of account required to receive direct messages

How do I contact an artist if direct messages aren't available?
You can contact us: we will ensure that the artist receives all the information from you and can respond to you as soon as possible.

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