How to sell my own prints (limited editions printed by myself)?

If you sell your own prints, you must take care of the sales/production/delivery/follow-up process yourself. The sales process is the same as for the sale of original works.

Choose either printing by yourself or printing by Artmajeur
You cannot sell the same work at the same time by the Artmajeur printing service, and print by yourself. You can choose to use the Artmajeur printing service or print yourself for each individual work.

To sell prints produced by yourself:
  1. Access the work on the section: My Account > Works
  2. Select the "Custom Prints Provided" option
  3. Set the price corresponding to a print size
    If you have other dimensions or options, specify a price and a reference dimension, then offer the other formats/supports/options in the description of the work

Customers can then find your works for sale with an idea of the price, and possibly contact you for other formats and dimensions.

If a customer requests a particular support or dimension, we can send them a personalized order form.
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