Is it possible to print greeting cards / mugs / keychains / pillows / shower curtains?

No: We offer a truly premium print service for art galleries, discerning amateurs and demanding collectors.

We do not offer printing on media such as greeting cards/mugs/keychains or even entry-level paper or plastic media.

These supports pose several problems:

  • They decrease the perceived quality of works
  • The final rendering is usually "low end"
  • Margins are very low for artists
  • Cannibalism: Customers will buy a greeting card in small A6 format instead of a true A4 or A2 print

In the end, all these media are commercially a false good idea: they generate a lot of work for very low margins, a perceived quality that decreases, not worth for artists.

On the other hand, there are a large number of suppliers who offer these supports, so it is very easy to print keychains, mugs or greeting cards occasionally.

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