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ashdod, Israel

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Shaul Kosman[Kvoshas] was born in Lithuania in Kaunas , in 1959. He graduated with MA degree the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 1983 in Vilnius .
Musician , architect and artist are the tree facets of Shaul's talented and creative personality. He was raised in the atmosphere of classic European architecture in the Baltic area. Since childhood, he played jazz and painted. This is probably why the main themes and ideas of his paintings are a combination and connection between music and architecture.
After immigration to the city Ashdod in Israel in 1997, his love for classic shapes and jazz music transferred into a deep understanding of the pulse of the modern city. His paintings are rich combination of acrylic and oil paint layered and textured using tools, spoons and utensils. His expansive use of vibrant and brilliant colors enhances the content of his work and draws the viewer into his world.
Shaul Kosman was participated in the following exhibitions in the last several years:
2002-Personal exhibition in concert hall ,,Diuna’’ Ashdod
2005- world exhibition ''Art Expo-2005'' in New York.
2006 - world exhibition "Art Expo-2006" in New York and "Israel Expo" in London .
2007 - "Las Vegas art show".''Art Expo-2007''in New York
2008 - Exhibition at the gallery on behalf of Constantine Churlonis in Chicago''
2008- Art Expo-2008'' in New York
2009 - exhibition at the "Jewish center" in Toronto.
2010 - exhibition "My people face " at the Ashdod Museum of Art – "Monart Centre".
2011 - exhibition "Art Expo-2011" in New York
2011-"Art Expo-2011" in Toronto
2012-world exhibition ''Art Expo-2012'' in New York
2012- exhibition ,,Remember Shagal’’ Rusian Cultural Center , Tel-Aviv
2012-exhibition ,,Raist to Jarusalem’’ Rusian Cultural Center, Tel-Aaviv
2012- Personal exhibition in concert hall ,,Auditorium’’ Ashdod
2012-exhibition ,,Jewish Flavor’’ Jaffo
,,Stones of my Land’’ Jaffo
,,Nature of Israel’’ Jarusalem
2012 -exhibition ,, Fear Imagination’’ gallery ,,Duet’’, Ashdod
2012- Plein Air ,,The White Sail of Ashdod’’, beach Asdod
2013 -Exhibition ,,White Sail’’ concert hall ,,Auditorium’,’ Ashdod
2013- exhibition ,,Painting with Music’,’gallery ,,Skizze’’, Jarusalem
2013- exhibition ,, Art Expo-2013’’in New York
2013- exhibition ,,Art Expo-2013’’ Toront


GALLERY ON THE GRAND , Toronto, Canada
LE BOURGET Art gallery , Monreal , Canada
ROZENVAIN FINE ART , Toronto , Canada
LENA ART GALLERY , Toronto, Canada
AVIRAM ART GALLERY , Tel-Aviv , Israel
NERArt Gallery , Jarusalem , Israel