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Frédéric Martin, drawing and painting have always been part of my daily life

Artists Portraits • Jun 7, 2023 • 5 minutes read
"My artistic career is the logical continuation of my commitment, 6 years of study at the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Paris, then years of drawing, posters and illustrations. "...

Ralph Hackeland, I often get ideas in dreams or in meditative states

Artists Portraits • Jun 3, 2023 • 6 minutes read
"There was no specific inspiration or initial spark that brought me to artistic work. Rather, it was ingrained in me from childhood, an urge to create that was naturally just there and has been with me ever since at various stages, shaping my life"...

Australian art: kangaroos, landscapes and contemporary artists

Australia • May 21, 2023 • 8 minutes read
I thought I would entrust the narrative of the early years of Australian art, as well as its subsequent Europeanization, to the kangaroo, a symbolic animal of Oceania that will be used as a conduit between Aboriginal and Western figurative expression...

Ioana Baltan, inspired by simple elements of day-to-day life

Artists Portraits • May 17, 2023 • 5 minutes read
"The first thing that comes to my mind is a movie about Caravaggio that I saw when I was about 13 years old. At that time I used to love old masters' works. I remember finding that movie very inspiring and I think I felt for the first time that art is a field of freedom"...

When Street art meets Abstraction

Graffiti • 8 minutes read
As partly anticipated above, we are accustomed to seeing the graffities and tags on the walls, mostly monochrome, of streets, abandoned buildings, factories and much more, or, in the case where we talk about Street art...

Shall we sunbathe with Edward Hopper?

Sunbathe • 9 minutes read
The invitation that resonates in my title will not surprise Edward Hopper aficionados, who will surely have noticed the accuracy by which the American master, by way of cinematic framing, skillfully arranges the light within his paintings...

Yohan Festin, Art has always attracted me

Artists Portraits • 4 minutes read
"Art has always attracted me, especially street art and music. In my teens, I tried my hand at graffiti on my notebooks and drawing sheets. I always had this need for creativity, to make something with my hands. I started to paint on different mediums, met artists. It made me want to be even more creative and to do it seriously".

Amaya F Fariza, an inner feeling

Artists Portraits • 13 minutes read
"It's an inner feeling. Every day I look at the things that surround me, the things that contemporary artists do, the landscape of my city, the people, the light... The grandeur that Nature offers, which the classics admired so much".

Simona Zecca, a continuous search

Artists Portraits • 6 minutes read
I cannot remember a single time in my life when I have not painted. I am a self-taught artist, curious and constantly seeking to learn new techniques and modes of expression...

Robert Inestroza, the fusing of paint and sculptural elements

Artists Portraits • 5 minutes read
"The urge to draw and paint came naturally at a very young age with my little paint set and I was always encouraged. I spontaneously documented moments, moods, and thoughts as a means to process events and still do that today."


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