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'Light...Color ....Movement... in other words my Universe"

Here is how Laura Casini speaks about her art.
'My art is really a Soul guided artistic expression of the energy of an emotion (from a word, an intimate conversation, a song...)  The  emotions are the colors of life and the game of shadow/light are what create our inner beauty/force so I hope that your heart will be embraced and transported by the power of my creations expressing a dance/union of shadow and light. I love to use a huge amount of paint to create textures and stone effects. Most of my creations have to be touched and felt. They create a deep inner connection with our subconscious and are really vibrating and 'alive', changing colors depending on the light and creating new perspectives depending on the position. Several can be displayed up or down, or vertically or horizontally. They bring with them an evident strength being at the same time sensuous and strong.

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