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Choosing the Best Bushcraft Axe as your companion

Planning to indulge into bushcraft, to test your survival skills deep inside an unfriendly environment is a big challenge. It involves not only your mental capability, your health condition, your skills and the tools you will need to keep you moving. Two of the most common tools for this adventure are the knives and the axe. These tools are both essential in surviving to this condition. Some will equipped themselves with both, while, others bring either of the two.


The few benefits of bushcraft

• It relieves you from stress. Going outdoors will help you release stress. It is the freshness of the air, the sight of the trees and green leaves that help you feel better. The feeling of looking beyond the four corners of a room is a great relief.

• It also removes fatigue. Studies also reveal that seeing nature and enjoying it, will help ease fatigue.

• It helps lower your blood pressure. Walking outside in controlled manner will help reduce blood pressure.

• It’s healthy for the heart. Going to bushcraft is also a good way to exercise. You can do it moderately and this will help you with your hearts health.

• It will also help you to get focus. Another benefit is to get focus. After removing all the anxieties and stress, you will be able to get focus.

Choosing the best Bushcraft Axe

Choosing the best bushcraft axe for your adventure will be a challenging one. As we all know, bushcrafting is not the same for every adventurer. So choosing the best axe for your journey, will depend to the following:

1. How long will you stay inside the bush? If you are a first timer in bushcraft, you may only require a general purpose axe. These are usually rounded and are designed for general purpose.

2. Are you planning to build some shelter, which will require you to cut trees? If you fall into this category, you may need to bring cutting axe. These are axes that are design to deliver a maximum power in small areas.


3. Do you need a light weight and easy to transport axe? If you are in this category, you may just need a hatchet. These are smaller and lighter axe, design to chop and cut smaller objects. This will make it easier to handle and bring.

4. Do you need an axe to chop bigger woods? In this category, you will need to bring a splitting axe. It has a wider bit, that will allow easy splitting of the wood.



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