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Get a maximum audience for your art

Get a maximum audience for your art

Maximize your potential for getting contacts by delivering your art to a worldwide audience. receives 5 millions pageviews every month.

Give an international audience to your art: Artmajeur is available in several languages and hosts visitors from all countries in the world.
90% of the website traffic are art lovers and collectors, 10% are artists. 60% of visitors are from Europe, 30% from the USA, and 10% from the rest of the world.

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When you upload a new image, it is automatically featured in the "new artworks" section on Artmajeur's home page, with a maximum audience !

Social networks

Images are optimized to be shared as much as possible on social networks and bring you maximum visibility! Easily share and publish your art to a targeted audience. Artmajeur is fully integrated with major social networks!

Promote entire galleries

Artmajeur reaches a highly targeted audience of art lovers and talented artists from around the world. We provide innovative ways to promote your artworks or art related business.
Promote your Art to a worldwide audience on Artmajeur's home page!
Your images are displayed randomly in featured promotion zones while your budget lasts.

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