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Watermark protection

Watermark protection

Protect all your images with a single click! A secure watermark will be embedded automatically within your image file.
When you change the watermark, image processing can take up to 1 hour. An unalterable watermark is placed on your images and prohibits any unauthorized use. At any moment, you may as well remove the watermark on all your images with a single click.

Protection level:

Invisible (recommended)

A slight watermark is placed on your images. It is virtually invisible to the naked eye, but easily detected by a computer process.


A visible watermark is inserted into a corner of your images. It offers a good dissuasion against copying but also degrades images viewing to some extent.


A wide visible watermark is applied in the center of the image, making it impossible to copy or use of the image. This option offers a maximum protection, but also a limited and unattractive browsing experience for users.