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Create a professional art website

Create a professional art website

All the power and simplicity of Artmajeur are now available to present and sell your art online, right on your own artist website or art gallery website! Thousands of artists just like you have already built their website using Artmajeur!

$109 / year
Try for free!

This offer includes:

No programming required: you can easily modify all aspects of your website using our simple forms and menus.

Customize your website

Create a layout that matches your art: Easily customize your website colors and styles!

You want a website that suits you ? You can do it yourself on Artmajeur! A very simple assistant will help you to build your website and present your art beautifully.
You will be able to send your clients directly to your art in a professional-looking website with your own colors and styles.

100% secure payment with SSL certificate

Your site is fully secure with an SLL certificate established for your domain name.

The HTTPS connection is very important because it allows better indexing on Google, and it reassures customers by displaying a green padlock in the address bar of the browser!

Get a professional domain name

Your site will be available directly from your domain name :

A domain name is important to make your website really look professional. You can communicate your domain name on all your publications, business cards etc... It is best if you choose a domain name that uses your family name or your artist name, this way, it will be easier to remember, and easier for customers to find you on Google.

Once registered, your domain name will be active for 1 full year. During this period, you can not modify it.
You can buy several domain names if you like, they will all be redirected to your website

Your own email service

Email :

Forget your free email address from internet providers that change all the time! Communicate a unique email address associated with your domain name. You can continue using your usual email box, all messages will be automatically redirected to the email administrator of your Artmajeur account.

Our email forwarding service is compatible with all major email management services like Yahoo, Gmail or Microsoft.

Sell your art on your own website

Accept direct payments from your clients worldwide.

Simply indicate the email address of your Paypal account. Your customers will be able to buy from your site and send the payment directly to your Paypal account, using the "Buy button" next to your artworks.

Combine our services to maximize your online impact!

Art website + PLATINUM

Our best offer is to combine the PLATINUM service and a professional art site: you get the power of Artmajeur network to give your work an international audience, and you can greet your customers on your website pro, with your own name domain!
Load your images on Artmajeur, they appear instantly on your Facebook Art Shop, and your own website!

How does it work ?

+1,000 artists have already built their website on Artmajeur!