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Jan 25, 2017
Artmajeur top startup of the week @lesPepitesTech ! Comments

Artmajeur was just elected top # 1 startup of the week @lespepitestech!

Thanks to all for votting and supporting us :)


cap-2017-01-25-a-15-07-06.jpg Artmajeur top startup of the week @lesPepitesTech !

frenchtech startup


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Jan 18, 2017

This week, Artmajeur is taking part in Tech Events, which can help us get more visibility for all artists :

If you like our concept of gallery, please support us by voting now for Artmajeur, it only takes a minute and it's very important for all artists !


Thank you very much; )





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Jan 14, 2017
MAINTENANCE : reindexing all images on the site Comments

As part of the transition to the HTTPS on the whole platform, we are reindex the entirety of the images since January 13

On some pages, it is possible that some images may not appear for a few hours, as it takes a great amount of time to reindex all of them correctly.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we make every effort to ensure that all images are re-indexed as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience ;)

https images maintenance


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Jan 13, 2017
Switching to the HTTPS protocol: Security first Comments

You may have already noticed it? Artmajeur was of course already available in HTTPS, but the entire Artmajeur platform has now been  100% redirected to the HTTPS security protocol.

This means that the connection between your computer and your site is now always secured by an SSL key that protects your data and your privacy as well as that of your customers.

The HTTPS protocol is a bit heavier, its deployment on the whole platform can slow down very slightly the loading speed of the pages, but this is largely compelled by the advantages brought:

  • Reassuring customers
  • Protects the confidentiality of your data
  • Allows better indexing on GOOGLE!

Google gives increasing importance to the security of sites, and announced that from now on, they will take into account the HTTPS protocol in the ranking of sites.

Make sure you always have the small green padlock next to HTTPS in the address bar when you enter a password or make a transaction!


artmajeur-https.png Switching to the HTTPS protocol: Security first

https new feature security


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Nov 21, 2016
New custom Watermarking feature Comments

Artmajeur allows to protect all the images with the addition of an unalterable watermark to the very core of the image, all with a simple click from the section MY ARTMAJEUR > IMAGES PROTECTION.

The watermark can also be removed on all images with a single click, so you do not have to work to edit each image with an image editing software to add watermarks.

Today, we deploy a new personalized watermark service, the watermark now appears IN THE CENTER of the image with lines that take the entire image, for maximum protection.

For PLATINUM members, the watermark is also personalized with the menber's Artmajeur account address !

NB: We do not recommend the use of the watermark because it degrades the perceived quality of the images and it is not pleasant to look at. But if you want to use a watermark, then use Artmajeur to do it the simple way and with class !


watermark image protection new feature


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Nov 5, 2016
New login page Comments

We have deployed a new login page, more simple, and more entertaining !
The background image is randomly selected from recently uploaded arts and allows an even greater visibility for artists :


new feature login page


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Sep 1, 2016
[IMPORTANT] Modification of the how prices are displayed to visitors Comments 2

From October, the way prices are displayed to visitors will change significantly.

At the moment, artists have the opportunity to indicate the price of the works, while hiding the price to the public. Visitors are then required to identify themselves to be able to view the prices.

This system poses two major problems:

  • Many artists do not understand why their prices do not appear to the public while they are actually defined
  • A large number of visitors are puzzled by the concept of price "available but hidden"

80% of visitors browsing the art gallery section are using the "sort by price" feature and indeed, it is very frustrating for a visitor to choose a price range and then not see price actually displayed on all the works!

To limit confusion to visitors, and also to artists, so we took the decision not to offer the concept of hidden price any more.
Henceforth, it's simple: a price set will be displayed, or not set and therefore not displayed.

What happens if an artwork has no price ?
Works without prices but that are actually "for sale" will appear with the status "price on request", but they WILL NOT appear on the gallery section when visitors sort works by price.

The change will be deployed in September, we invite you to do the necessary updates or remove prices during this month.

NB: if you want to delete ALL YOUR PRICES and have a large number of images, you can contact us at SUPPORT and we will remove all your prices directly in database


square-price.jpg [IMPORTANT] Modification of the how prices are displayed to visitors

Artmajeur important prices


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Oct 8, 2015
Artmajeur has been featured in a new article ! Comments 1

Us based artist ressource website has just released a great article about "Selling Your Art Online: Advice from 3 Online Gallery Leaders", theses include a chat with Jonas Almgren (, Nicolas Sarazin (Art directory at, and Alex Farkas (Gallery Director and Co-Founder of to learn more about how they operate. You’ll find some helpful and exclusive advice from them below :

Read the article / Lire l'Article


selling-art.png Artmajeur has been featured in a new article !

Business Skills for Artists Tagged With: art online artfinder artist support artmajeur commissions how to sell art online online art gallery online galleries online gallery selling art online shipping ugallery


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Jan 19, 2015
Exceptional artistic year! Comments 13

All the Artmajeur team is pleased to wish you an Happy New Year 2015.
In 2014, the new features offered by Artmajeur were widely acclaimed by artists and collectors.
Great improvements will be released in 2015, starting in the upcoming months!



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Dec 15, 2014
Be social! Comments 2

now you can easily link all your social profiles on your Artmajeur account so your public can follow your work on every other active social platform like youtube or pinterest! Simply indicate your profile URLs on section "My account > Settings". All links will appear on your Artmajeur profile.
The end of the year is coming fast, its time to order your greeting cards ! We are also offering a massive discount on our "PLATINUM" service. Order before December 24th and enjoy a 30% discount !



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Nov 17, 2014
Coupons & Facebook Art Shop Comments 9

you can now take advantage of a huge market opportunity with Facebook : just install the Artmajeur Art Shop application on your facebook page, and all your artworks for sale will be directly available to your from your Facebook page!
We have also installed a new feature to create coupons. Now, you can create coupons and send a mailing to all your contacts and prospects. Typically, it is good to create a coupon 1 month prior to special occasions like Valentine's day or Chrismas. Try it today!



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Oct 16, 2014
New process for selling original artworks with ZERO% commission Comments

a new process is being tested for selling original artworks. Customers may now contact you, inquire about an artwork, and they can buy directly from you. You will get paid directly on your Paypal account, or any other payment methods you have selected. Please check your payment methods on your account to make sure that customers can acquire your artworks directly. Free accounts will have a very low commission of just 5%. All other accounts will enjoy a ZERO% commission!



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Sep 15, 2014
Be available for buyers Comments 23

almost every day, potential customers contact us at support. They are interested to buy a particular work, but despite their efforts to contact the artist and get information about the prices they receive no response! This requires us to contact the artist to respond to the client. This is a major problem because the response time is a key to a successful sale. The higher the response time is long, the more likely sales decline. To avoid this problem, make sure you regularly log into your account, and verify that your contact information is correct (email, phone, address). Especially, tell your phone so we can contact you directly if a client expresses interest in your work!



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Jul 15, 2014
Section "My profile" has been updated Comments 3

we have been working on the social features on Artmajeur. When you follow members on Artmajeur (or when members follow you), all activity is now conveniently gathered on your profile section enhance user experience and allow a greater level of interactions between artists and art lovers. Interacting with the art community is a great way to discuss, exchange and be inspired by other artists and art lovers. Social interactions are also very effective to raise the awareness of your profile on Artmajeur and Google!



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Jun 17, 2014
Real-time search module Comments 1

we have received a lot of requests to update the search module. Until now, the search module was provided by Google. It was fast to find results but slow to update and index them, resulting in delays of several days before your new artworks could be included in search results. We have developed a new search module, entirely embedded in Artmajeur, so we can control all results and indexation delay.
Check your image's title, description and keywords to make sure they appear properly in search results ! You can then test the new search module using the search field on top of Artmajeur.



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May 19, 2014
Artworks info Comments 2

almost everyday, we receive feedbacks from customers and prospects who are interested in buying artworks, but they can find basic information such as technique, medium, dimensions or price. Of course, they can contact artists to request theses informations but this additional constraint is drastically impacting sales contacts and actual sales. Properly documenting artworks is equally important as providing a nice, centered and perfectly cropped image of your work. 100 nice and well documented images will generate more visits and contacts than 1000 undocumented images ! We will soon release the new version of the Art gallery, please make sure your images information are available so that visitors can find them easily!



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Apr 30, 2014
New custom colors feature Comments

we have just added a new feature on your account, you may now customize your website's colors. A basic color set up has been installed, you can modify theses colors on section "My Account > Pages > Design" to best fit your work. You may also reset to default colors if you like. Additional colors and design options will be added soon !



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Apr 18, 2014
Online image editor Comments 1

presenting nice images to your visitors is crucial, but it can also be a hassle when your original photo is not perfect. We have released a very simple image editor to rotate and crop images. You can access the editor from section "My Account > Images". The idea is to make sure you can offer a great browsing experience to your visitors, even if you don't have a photo editor on your computer. Let us know if you need more controls such as contrast, light, colors ?


capture-d-ecran-2014-04-18-a-17-44-16.png Online image editor



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Mar 25, 2014
Artmajeur now available in hungarian language! Comments

Artmajeur is now available in hungarian, we would like to warmly thank artist Eva Dvorzsak who has spent a lot of time and energy to work on this project.
Please visit her galleries! Eva Dvorzsak



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Mar 18, 2014
More impact with HD images of your artworks Comments

a great number of images are now available online. Visitors have a tremendous choice and will naturally favor websites with the best quality images.
Most visitors have screen resolutions over 1024px, so they are expecting large pictures filling their screen. High quality pictures are now a standard on at websites, so we have recently introduced new requirements for images, including the minimum size of 640 pixels. You should take this opportunity to check out the quality of your pictures: are your pictures reflecting the true quality of your work ? Are your images in sufficient size for modern computers ? Are they properly positioned and cropped ? All these aspects have a dramatic impact on how your work is perceived by the public !


hd-image-quality.jpg More impact with HD images of your artworks



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