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English Countryside 2017 9 Images

Paintings done on site in the English Countryside

Mauritius in November 2016 10 Images

Painting done on site around Trou d'Eau Douce

Trou d'Eau Douce - In front of the Beach House 2016 8 Images

Painted on site these large paintings are done in one/two sessions. They are 122 x 92 cm, very large and are a completely different way of painting for me. I have been studying these views for many many years and now I think they are coming out in very large paintings, as usual en plein air.

The Souffleur 14 Images

South West of Mauritius, on the coast, very wild and uninhabited.

7 Cascades 4th Pool. Mauritius 5 Images

sketches and oil done on site at the bottom of the 7 cascades!

7 Cascades: Looking down from 3rd waterfall 5 Images

Oil paintings done on site. Dec 2011-October 2012. 9 months going just to this one place.

Abstracted from Plein Air Painting 8 Images

Large oil done from Plein air painting, worked again and again becoming simpler and more colourful. I only do this is I feel compelled to do so. Most of the time I go from one spot to another, but sometimes I am drawn back to the same spot for many months.