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Fresham 1 Images


Mauritius December 2017 6 Images

Plein sir paintings done at Trou d’Eau Douce.

Hankley Common 2016/2017 10 Images

Pictures done from Hankley Common. Surrey.

English Countryside 2017 11 Images

Paintings done on site in the English Countryside

Bentley Hills 2 Images

Countryside and views from Bentley Church, Hampshire, UK

Mauritius in November 2016 9 Images

Painting done on site around Trou d'Eau Douce

Trou d'Eau Douce - In front of the Beach House 2016 8 Images

Painted on site these large paintings are done in one/two sessions. They are 122 x 92 cm, very large and are a completely different way of painting for me. I have been studying these views for many many years and now I think they are coming out in very large paintings, as usual en plein air.

The Souffleur 12 Images

South West of Mauritius, on the coast, very wild and uninhabited.

Abstracted from Plein Air Painting 8 Images

Large oil done from Plein air painting, worked again and again becoming simpler and more colourful. I only do this is I feel compelled to do so. Most of the time I go from one spot to another, but sometimes I am drawn back to the same spot for many months.