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‘Alfred & Co.’

Simtat Shlush 5, Neve Tsedek, 6608030 Tel Aviv - Yaffo https://www.facebook.com/AlfredInstitute

jueves 10 diciembre 2015
sábado 19 diciembre 2015

Alfred Institute a non-profit cooperative organization for Art & Culture, whose purpose is to give support and exposure to young artists. Once a year we hold a selling exhibition to raise funds to support our artist-run cooperative-gallery. This year, as we celebrate 10 years of activity, we plan on creating a surprise box of small scale international art for sale, in the center of the gallery.

During the exhibition, all mail-art works will be offered in a blind sale for a symbolic price of 20NIS (a little over 5$). Visitors can purchase a surprise, one-of-a-kind, work of art, and earnings will be used to support 'Alfred Cooperative Institute - a nonprofit organization’ ongoing activity.

Theme: The circle
The circle is a shape that represents equality. All points on the circumference share the same distance from the center. When sitting in a circle, everyone sees everyone. Alfred Institute operates as a collaborative, equal and democratic organization. We call for artists to give their point of view to the concept ‘The Circle’.



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