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Carolina Vis

Artist (Painting, Sculpture)
Born 1965
Galerie d`Art Contemporain a Ploubazlanec France (plus les 80 oeuvres de caroline)

Caroline Vis is a French abstract expressionism painter. Without technical training or theoretical influence, she lets herself be guided by her passion for color, movement and certain geometric landmarks. 

According to her, art is more than painting, sculpture or opera. Art gives her a feeling of life, and each touch she brings to her canvas is unique, each canvas represents an emotion. She uses different compositions, colors and shapes, and appreciates different styles: abstract, contemporary and abstract expressionist art. Vis is particularly influenced by the work of Jackson Pollock. Always in search of new styles and techniques, she develops her art more and more, but maintains her desire to present visual creations of her emotions.

Caroline Vis was born in 1965, in the Netherlands. She has exhibited in France, the Netherlands, UK, Germany and in the United States.

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