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Violetta Golden

Sochi, Россия
Художник (Картина, Рисунок)
Родился в неизвестная дата
Everything you can imagine is real. P.Picasso

Russian artist and sculptor based in Sochi whose works have been exhibited nationally. In addition, her art has been featured in publications such as Art Review. Fascinated by the emotional relationship between humans, nature, and everything that surrounds us, Violetta compositions center around flowers, plants, and the natural world. She creates mixed special media with plaster, acrylics, and oils on canvas or wood. Using decorative plaster, she creates volumetric elements in the picture, beautiful flowers. This is a new, and original technique. Each painting is one of a kind.

She loves to travel around the world exploring unusual places and cultures and inspired by the nature of different countries. She is painting emotions and feelings, thoughts, and memories evoked by the object, inspired by the subtropical flowers, plants, nature, meadows, gardens, blooming fields.

Her artworks are in private collections of Russia, Europe, and the USA.

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