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Minsk, Беларусь
Художник (Цифровое искусство)
Родился в неизвестная дата
Nothing is impossible. All limitations are only in your head.

My name is Tatiana, I'm known under the pseudonym Vlatania.
I'm a 2D artist, NFT-artist, illustrator and designer.

I am working in this direction since 2009. I have several higher educations, including higher art education. I know English and Polish among foreign languages.
Even being a little girl I actively drew, but parents did not see any value in drawing, that in this I can earn a living. Therefore my first higher education was philological. But even in the first year I realized that it wasn't mine. But I decided not to give up and finish)). I got the Polish higher education at the same time. After that, I decided to change everything and joined the Academy of Arts!
After graduation, I've started an interesting career as an illustrator, sand artist, artist and a designer, which I'm still on!
I've had experience in interior design, drawing illustrations on commission (even illustrated a book for an American writer), also participated in the development of a mobile pregnancy app (drawing illustrations for the app).
With all this I have been drawing with sand for 4 years, performing in Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. With the birth of my daughter I stopped sand show and went into illustration and graphic design. Now actively engaged in digital painting and art.
At the moment, I am a graphic designer. Since 2022 I have been creating my NFT-collections on famous NFT-sites.

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