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Svetlana Samsonova

Perm, Россия
Художник (Картина, Рисунок)
Родился в неизвестная дата
"We are the tennis balls of heaven, They connect us and hit us as they please." John Webster

My name is Svetlana Samsonova (Ural, city of Perm, Russia). I am a self-taught and independent emerging artist. For 8 years now and forever my whole life has been dedicated to art. And I have many more unfulfilled plans!!! During this time, I have tried more than one technique, but my favourite one is oil.

I sell my paintings both online and offline. I know how to properly pack and arrange delivery to different countries. I love to communicate with buyers of my paintings around the world. It is interesting for me to learn their tastes, peculiarities of mentality and just to communicate.

When I paint hyperrealism in small careful strokes, I meditate like in my favorite yoga. And I switch when I paint large formats, I express the whole palette of my emotions with bright colours and large strokes. I get a new round of inspiration.
I work very hard, I try to improve my technique constantly. I varnish all my paintings for the best play of colors and my customers love it.
Bright colours and emotions are the main colour of my paintings! I love a bright and juicy palette that brings joy and good mood, I really want to convey an atmosphere of warmth and happiness through my paintings. The whole world inspires me: landscapes, flowers and animals, everything that pleases us with bright colours.
And with the help of my paintings, I like to bring more beauty, kindness and light into the lives of my customers. I hope that your gallery will help me to give positive emotions through my paintings to your huge audience! Our world is so big and beautiful!

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