Valeriy Chaykin

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Hello there! My name is Valeriy Chaykin and I'm from Russia, Moscow. I studied painting in art college and got a bachelor's degree in graphic design. My painting technique and vision of art were formed under the influence of graffiti, street art and different design areas. I create artworks on canvases and paint graffiti in my own technique on walls and other objects. My source of inspiration is nature and animals. I love to analyze forms, movements, lines and their intersections to realize them in art projects. It helps me to express my feelings about the object in the best way. My life outside of art consists of bodybuilding and extreme sports such as mountain trekking, paragliding and skydiving. Some of my hobbies help me to get new bright emotions, to look from a new angle and to use it in my creative process. I hope you enjoy my artworks!

Представлено 7 Художественные галереи