Andrey Soldatenko

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Styles - this is only tools. Possess them in perfection, then, to be free

In modern works, I set myself the goal - to create an ideal vision for the picture, find the right balance of color patches, depicted objects, to find harmony in line, plastic, to transform nature so as to convey a sense of its condition, and at the same time that all the work done (kitchen) was not visible to the viewer.
I am not a hostage to a single style. For me, different directions are just tools for creating artistic images. I'm working on realistic landscapes and still life ("Country House. Bulgaria", "Memories of Summer"), paintings in the impressionist style ("The Alley"), decorative compositions (triptych "Watering"), abstract and analiticheskimii songs ("Flowers") , symbolic works ("Landscape with a lake"). Some consider me to be a successor of the ideas of Cubism. But when I sodaval "city streets" and the like, I do not think of cubism and its development in the modern world. I was guided by what writers called "artistic truth" when the characters in the book begin to behave not as conceived writer. We artists are the same. While working on the art works, I often have to change the original idea, because it requires a "representational truth." In my avant-garde compositions as if I make out the world into its constituent parts and from them as a mosaic put together a again. Although the house still houses, and trees, the trees, the world looks a little different. This approach makes it possible to focus on different parts, look at the world through different eyes, sometimes not even human.
I also really love to draw most beautiful nature spots. But the more I like to find and display the symbolic overtones of the natural phenomena and people's lives. And some critics call my work a symbolic realism. One way or another possession different styles gives a lot of freedom in creativity. It's like training with worsening. To achieve perfection must work hard and carefully look around. Here is my philosophy.



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