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Every new effort and movement in truth is a creative discovery.

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Experts talk so much about styles and genres, giving them superficial names that do not carry absolutely no semantic load, and the current "figures" and does try to reduce this load to a minimum. Each manifested creativity has its own language in which it speaks to its audience, tries to convey the feelings and emotions experienced by the author; his worldview.

I can name my ideas and stories, but not my genre and style. Because initially there is no goal conform to anything. What I depict are stories through the looking glass; allegories, often with a satirical aftertaste. My scream. This is how the pain and joy growing inside me manifest themselves for what I see and experience when interacting with this world. Realising the sins of his past and seeing going to the same rake people, it's time to move to another world; the world of introspection and self-improvement. It is an internal struggle, which is inaccessible to outsiders, and at the same time, each is given the opportunity to obtain this experience; to pass the test, which is prepared for us on all levels of existence.


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