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Benefactor - an illustration of the book of Carlos Castaned.

A benefactor is one who gives the student a demonstration of the nagual . Acts with the teacher .


- Why is the nagual called " benefactor " and not just "teacher"? I asked nervously.

“By calling the nagual a benefactor , the disciples show their respect for him,” don Juan said. - The nagual evokes an overwhelming sense of gratitude in his students. In the end, he shapes them and guides them through unimaginable areas. I have noticed that teaching is, in my opinion, the greatest and most altruistic act that one person can do for another.

 “For you, learning is talking about behaviors,” he said. “For the magician, training is what the Nagual does for his students. For their sake, he deals with the main force in the universe - intent, the force that changes or shuffles things, or leaves them as they are. The nagual determines and then directs the influence that this power can have on his students. If the Nagual did not direct intent, they would not feel awe or amazement. And his disciples, instead of embarking on a magical journey of discovery, would only be trained in the craft of a healer, sorcerer, charlatan, or anyone else.

“As you already know, I am in charge of your tonal and Genaro is in charge of your nagual,” he continued. “It was my duty to help you in everything related to your tonal. And all my actions in relation to you served one and only purpose - to clean and put in order your island tonal. This was my job as your teacher. Genaro's job as your benefactor has been to give you undeniable demonstrations of the nagual and show you how to get into him


Benefactor - an illustration of the book of Carlos Castaned.

Linocut. Manual printing. sheet size 400x400 mm. 2018. Limited edition on vintage paper from the USSR. Signed and numbered by the author manually. HEURISTIC GRAPHICS


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