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Irina Mauler (mauler13)

Beer Yakov, Израиль
Художник (Картина)
Родился в неизвестная дата

60х70,холстIRINA MAULER

Irina Mauler – a poet, an author and the performer of her own songs, an artist. Having lived in Moscow, she lives in Israel since 1990. She is a member of the Writers Union in Russia and Israel, a member of Israeli Painters Union. She participated in many art exhibitions in Israel and abroad. She won prizes of five international bards festivals. She published three books of poems, a novel named "The Love of the Immigrant", six record albums of her own songs. "A composer, a poet, a painter, a prose writer – isn't it too much? No, just a perfect fit. The attractiveness of Ira Mauler creative work is precisely in its polyphonic nature that allows those who open a new page in it not to be doomed to console themselves with the joy of "reviewing the old material" – these are the words of a well known writer in Moscow, Evgeny Vitkovsky, describing Ira.

Ira Mauler's work as a painter is closely related to her poetic work. It is not uncommon that poetry hints for the sources of figurative thinking that are reflected on canvas with oil.
Recent exhibitions:
2010- "Business Art" Pierre Cardin salon des arts, Paris.
2010-"Art Shopping", Louvre, Paris.
2010-"Art en Capital", Grand Palais, Paris.
2009-Solo exhibition in Ein-Hod, Artists Village in Israel in Purple Gait gallery.
2010- Group exhibition in Ein-Hod Central Artists gallery
"She won the love of her admirers who come to hear her and see her work. Her eyes have attracted the attention of the audience way back in the past, her melody and poetry have remained in the memory of the grateful listeners for a long time…" says Evgeny Vitkovsky.

"Ira Mauler picturesque confessions are visual-decorative-figurative experiments read from a canvas as enchanted fairy tales. Everything is moving towards a special spiritual essence that exists in her creative thinking and transforms the world… Her works are a circle of cultural aesthetic emotions, related to the sensual associative world. Ira Mauler's paintings are consciously fantastic, which endows them with a specieal aesthetic attractiveness … ", says Galina Podolskaya, art critic.
…"Music, poems and paints are blissfully merging in Irina. Her creative work might be called a poetic painting and colourmusic", says Michael Yudson, a writer from The Independent Newspaper, Moscow.


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